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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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  |oCPatchDescriptorDescribes the type of a patch
  |oCPatchMapAn quadtree-based map connecting coarse faces to their sub-patches
  |oCPatchParamPatch parameterization
  |oCPatchTableContainer for arrays of parametric patches
  ||\CPatchHandleHandle that can be used as unique patch identifier within PatchTable
  |oCPatchTableFactoryFactory for constructing a PatchTable from a TopologyRefiner
  ||oCOptionsPublic options for the PatchTable factory
  |oCPrimvarRefinerApplies refinement operations to generic primvar data
  |oCPtexIndicesObject used to compute and query ptex face indices
  |oCStencilVertex stencil descriptor
  |oCStencilTableTable of subdivision stencils
  |oCLimitStencilLimit point stencil descriptor
  |oCLimitStencilTableTable of limit subdivision stencils
  |oCStencilTableFactoryA specialized factory for StencilTable
  |oCLimitStencilTableFactoryA specialized factory for LimitStencilTable
  ||oCLocationArrayDescriptor for limit surface locations
  |oCTopologyDescriptorA simple reference to raw topology data for use with TopologyRefinerFactory
  |oCTopologyLevelAn interface for accessing data in a specific level of a refined topology hierarchy
  |oCTopologyRefinerFactoryFactory for constructing TopologyRefiners from specific mesh classes
  ||\COptionsOptions related to the construction of each TopologyRefiner
  |oCTopologyRefinerStores topology data for a specified set of refinement options
  ||oCAdaptiveOptionsAdaptive refinement options
  ||\CUniformOptionsUniform refinement options
  |\CTopologyRefinerFactoryBasePrivate base class of Factories for constructing TopologyRefiners
  |oCBufferDescriptorBufferDescriptor is a struct which describes buffer elements in interleaved data buffers. Almost all Osd Evaluator APIs take BufferDescriptors along with device-specific buffer objects
  |oCCLStencilTableOpenCL stencil table
  |oCCLPatchTableCL patch table
  |oCCLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for OpenCL subdivision
  |oCCpuD3D11VertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for Cpu subdivision and DirectX drawing
  |oCCpuGLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for cpu subdivision and OpenGL drawing
  |oCCpuPatchTableCpu patch table
  |oCCpuVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for CPU subdivision
  |oCCudaStencilTableCUDA stencil table
  |oCCudaPatchTableCUDA patch table
  |oCCudaVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for Cuda subdivision
  |oCD3D11StencilTableD3D11 stencil table
  |oCD3D11VertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for DirectX subdivision and DirectX drawing
  |oCGLStencilTableSSBOGL stencil table (Shader Storage buffer)
  |oCGLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for GLSL subdivision and OpenGL drawing
  |oCGLStencilTableTBOGL TextureBuffer stencil table
  |oCPatchCoordCoordinates set on a patch table
  |oCCreaseTypes, constants and utilities related to semi-sharp creasing – whose implementation is independent of the subdivision scheme
  |oCOptionsAll supported options applying to subdivision scheme
  |oCSchemeScheme is a class template which provides all implementation for the subdivision schemes supported by OpenSubdiv through specializations of the methods of each. An instance of Scheme<SCHEME_TYPE> includes a set of Options that will dictate the variable aspects of its behavior
  |\CSchemeTypeTraitsTraits associated with the types of all subdivision schemes – parameterized by the scheme type. All traits are also defined in the scheme itself