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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNShaderMetadataHelpersVarious utilities for parsing metadata contained within shaders
oNUsdMayaColorSpaceHelper functions for dealing with colors stored in Maya
oNUsdMayaMeshUtilUtilities for dealing with USD and RenderMan for Maya mesh/subdiv tags
oNUsdMayaUtilGeneral utilities for working with the Maya API
oC_NdrFilesystemDiscoveryPluginDiscovers nodes on the filesystem
oCArAssetInterface for accessing the contents of an asset
oCArAssetInfoContains information about a resolved asset
oCArchMallocHookOverride default malloc() functionality
oCArDefaultResolverDefault asset resolution implementation used when no plugin implementation is provided
oCArDefaultResolverContextResolver context object that specifies a search path to use during asset resolution
oCArFilesystemAssetArAsset implementation for asset represented by a file on a filesystem
oCArIsContextObjectMetafunction to determine whether the templated object type is a valid context object
oCArPackageResolverInterface for resolving assets within package assets
oCArResolverInterface for the asset resolution system
oCArResolverContextAn asset resolver context allows clients to provide additional data to the resolver for use during resolution
oCArResolverContextBinderHelper object for managing the binding and unbinding of ArResolverContext objects with the asset resolver
oCArResolverScopedCacheHelper object for managing asset resolver cache scopes
oCArThreadLocalScopedCacheUtility class for custom resolver implementations
oCCameraUtilScreenWindowParametersGiven a camera object, compute parameters suitable for setting up RenderMan
oCGarchGLDebugWindowPlatform specific minimum GL widget for unit tests
oCGarchGLPlatformDebugContextPlatform specific context (e.g
oCGfBBox3dBasic type: arbitrarily oriented 3D bounding box
oCGfCameraObject-based representation of a camera
oCGfFrustumBasic type: View frustum
oCGfIntervalA basic mathematical interval class
oCGfIsGfMatrixA metafunction with a static const bool member 'value' that is true for GfMatrix types, like GfMatrix3d, GfMatrix4f, etc and false for all other types
oCGfIsGfQuatA metafunction with a static const bool member 'value' that is true for GfQuat types and false for all other types
oCGfIsGfRangeA metafunction with a static const bool member 'value' that is true for GfRange types and false for all other types
oCGfIsGfVecA metafunction with a static const bool member 'value' that is true for GfVec types, like GfVec2i, GfVec4d, etc and false for all other types
oCGfLineBasic type: 3D line
oCGfLine2dBasic type: 2D line
oCGfLineSegBasic type: 3D line segment
oCGfLineSeg2dBasic type: 2D line segment
oCGfMatrix2dStores a 2x2 matrix of double elements
oCGfMatrix2fStores a 2x2 matrix of float elements
oCGfMatrix3dStores a 3x3 matrix of double elements
oCGfMatrix3fStores a 3x3 matrix of float elements
oCGfMatrix4dStores a 4x4 matrix of double elements
oCGfMatrix4fStores a 4x4 matrix of float elements
oCGfMultiIntervalGfMultiInterval represents a subset of the real number line as an ordered set of non-intersecting GfIntervals
oCGfPlaneBasic type: 3-dimensional plane
oCGfQuatdBasic type: a quaternion, a complex number with a real coefficient and three imaginary coefficients, stored as a 3-vector
oCGfQuaternionBasic type: complex number with scalar real part and vector imaginary part
oCGfQuatfBasic type: a quaternion, a complex number with a real coefficient and three imaginary coefficients, stored as a 3-vector
oCGfQuathBasic type: a quaternion, a complex number with a real coefficient and three imaginary coefficients, stored as a 3-vector
oCGfRange1dBasic type: 1-dimensional floating point range
oCGfRange1fBasic type: 1-dimensional floating point range
oCGfRange2dBasic type: 2-dimensional floating point range
oCGfRange2fBasic type: 2-dimensional floating point range
oCGfRange3dBasic type: 3-dimensional floating point range
oCGfRange3fBasic type: 3-dimensional floating point range
oCGfRayBasic type: Ray used for intersection testing
oCGfRect2iA 2D rectangle with integer coordinates for windowing operations
oCGfRotationBasic type: 3-space rotation specification
oCGfSize2Two-dimensional array of sizes
oCGfSize3Three-dimensional array of sizes
oCGfTransformBasic type: Compound linear transformation
oCGfVec2dBasic type for a vector of 2 double components
oCGfVec2fBasic type for a vector of 2 float components
oCGfVec2hBasic type for a vector of 2 GfHalf components
oCGfVec2iBasic type for a vector of 2 int components
oCGfVec3dBasic type for a vector of 3 double components
oCGfVec3fBasic type for a vector of 3 float components
oCGfVec3hBasic type for a vector of 3 GfHalf components
oCGfVec3iBasic type for a vector of 3 int components
oCGfVec4dBasic type for a vector of 4 double components
oCGfVec4fBasic type for a vector of 4 float components
oCGfVec4hBasic type for a vector of 4 GfHalf components
oCGfVec4iBasic type for a vector of 4 int components
oCGlfArrayTextureRepresents an array of texture objects in Glf
oCGlfBaseTextureRepresents a texture object in Glf
oCGlfContextCapsThis class is intended to be a cache of the capabilites (resource limits and features) of the underlying GL context
oCGlfDebugGroupRepresents a GL debug group in Glf
oCGlfDrawTargetA class representing a GL render target with mutliple image attachments
oCGlfGLContextProvides window system independent access to GL contexts
oCGlfGLContextRegistrationInterfaceInterface for registering a GlfGLContext system
oCGlfGLContextRegistryRegistry of GlfGLContexts
oCGlfGLContextScopeHolderHelper class to make a GL context current
oCGlfGLQueryObjectRepresents a GL query object in Glf
oCGlfGLSLFXA class representing the config and shader source of a glslfx file
oCGlfGLSLFXConfigA class representing the configuration of a glslfx file
oCGlfImageA base class for reading and writing texture image data
oCGlfImageRegistryManages plugin registration and loading for GlfImage subclasses
oCGlfRankedTypeMapHolds a token-to-type map with support for precedence per type
oCGlfSharedGLContextScopeHolderHelper class to make the shared GL context current
oCGlfTestGLContextTesting support class for GlfGLContext
oCGlfTextureRepresents a texture object in Glf
oCGlfUniformBlockManages a GL uniform buffer object
oCGlfUVTextureRepresents a texture object in Glf
oCGlfUVTextureStorageRepresents a texture object in Glf initialized from a VtValue
oCGusdAutoErrorTransportHelper for ensuring consistent, automatic transport of errors from within threaded loops
oCGusdBoundsCacheA wrapper arround UsdGeomBBoxCache
oCGusdContextA GusdContext structure is created by the ROPs that write USD files and passed to the GusdPrimWrappers to control how they are written to the USD file
oCGusdDefaultArraySimple array wrapper, providing an array that may either hold a single constant value, or an array of values
oCGusdErrorTransportHelper class used to propagate errors from different threads
oCGusdGT_OldPointInstancerA GusdGT_PointInstancer is identical to a GT_PrimPointMesh except that it is treated differently by the GusdRefiner and has a different GusdPrimWrapper
oCGusdGT_PackedUSDA GT implementation of a packed USD prim
oCGusdGT_PointInstancerA GusdGT_PointInstancer is identical to a GT_PrimPointMesh except that it is treated differently by the GusdRefiner and has a different GusdPrimWrapper
oCGusdGT_PrimCacheCache of refined GT prims created draw USD in the viewport
oCGusdGT_VtStringArrayGT_DataArray implementation wrapping VtArray for string-like types
oCGusdGU_PackedUSDA GU implementation of a packed USD prim
oCGusdGU_USDSet of helpers for working with ranges of prims/points, etc
oCGusdOBJ_usdcameraUSD camera object node
oCGusdOP_ParmChangeMicroNodeMicro node for tracking changes to a set of parameters
oCGusdPrimWrapperA GT_Primitive that wraps a USD Prim
oCGusdPRM_SharedCommon PRM data for USD
oCGusdRefinerClass used to refine GT prims so that they can be written to a USD file
oCGusdStageCacheCache for USD stages
oCGusdStageCacheReaderHelper for reading from a GusdStageCache
oCGusdStageCacheWriterWrite accessor for a stage cache
oCGusdStageEditBasic stage edit covering common types of edits
oCGusdStageOptsOptions for configuring creation of a new stage
oCGusdTfErrorScopeHelper for catching Tf errors and forwarding them to a UT_ErrorManager
oCGusdUSD_CustomTraverseA traversal implementation offering users full configuration over many aspects of traversal
oCGusdUSD_TraverseBase class for custom stage traversal
oCGusdUSD_TraverseControlHelper to provide control over traversal through children
oCGusdUSD_TraverseSimpleTTemplated class for declaring simple, threaded traversals
oCGusdUSD_TraverseTableTable for registering custom stage traversals
oCGusdUSD_UnvaryingPropertyKeyTBB-style hash key for unvarying prim properties
oCGusdUSD_UnvaryingPropertyMapConcurrent hash map for holding an unvarying property of a prim
oCGusdUSD_VaryingPropertyKeyTBB-style hash key for time-varying prim properties
oCGusdUSD_VaryingPropertyMapConcurrent hash map for holding a time-varying property on a prim
oCGusdUSD_VisCacheThread-safe, memory-capped visibility cache
oCGusdUSD_XformCacheConcurrent memory-capped cache for primitive transforms
oCGusdUT_CappedCacheVariant of UT_CappedCache that improves on item construction
oCGusdUT_CappedKeyConvenience wrapper around UT_CappedKey
oCGusdUT_GfHelpers for working with Gf types (vectors, matrices, etc.) within the HDK
oCGusdUT_StaticValHolderHelper for creating a static value, whose construction is deferred and backed by a lock
oCGusdUT_TypeTraitsCommon type traits
oCGusdUT_VtArrayRORead-only wrapper to assist in read operations on a VtArray
oCGusdUT_VtArrayRWRead-write wrapper on a VtArray
oCHdAggregationStrategyAggregation strategy base class
oCHdAovDescriptorA bundle of state describing an AOV ("Alternate Output Value") display channel
oCHdBasisCurvesHydra Schema for a collection of curves using a particular basis
oCHdBasisCurvesReprDescDescriptor to configure a drawItem for a repr
oCHdBasisCurvesTopologyTopology data for basisCurves
oCHdBindingBindings are used for buffers or textures, it simple associates a binding type with a binding location
oCHdBindingRequestBindingRequest allows externally allocated buffers to be bound at render time
oCHdBprimBprim (buffer prim) is a base class of managing a blob of data that is used to communicate between the scene delegate and render
oCHdBufferArraySimilar to a VAO, this object is a bundle of coherent buffers
oCHdBufferArrayRangeInterface class for representing range (subset) locator of HdBufferArray
oCHdBufferArrayRangeContainerA resizable container of HdBufferArrayRanges
oCHdBufferArrayRegistryManages the pool of buffer arrays
oCHdBufferArrayUsageHintThe union provides a set of flags that provide hints to the memory management system about the properties of a Buffer Array Range (BAR), so it can efficiently organize that memory
oCHdBufferResourceA specific type of HdResource (GPU resource) representing a buffer object
oCHdBufferSourceA transient buffer of data that has not yet been committed to the GPU
oCHdBufferSpecDescribes each named resource of buffer array
oCHdCameraHydra schema for a camera
oCHdChangeTrackerTracks changes from the HdSceneDelegate, providing invalidation cues to the render engine
oCHdComputationAn interface class for GPU computation
oCHdComputedBufferSourceA abstract base class for cpu computation followed by buffer transfer to the GPU
oCHdDirtyListUsed for faster iteration of dirty rprims, filtered by mask
oCHdDisplayStyleDescribes how the geometry of a prim should be displayed
oCHdDrawingCoordA tiny set of integers, which provides an indirection mapping from the conceptual space of an HdRprim's resources (topological, primvar & instancing) to the index within HdBufferArrayRangeContainer, where the resource is stored
oCHdDrawItemA draw item is a light-weight representation of an HdRprim's resources and material to be used for rendering
oCHdEmbreeBufferSamplerA utility class that knows how to sample an element from a type-tagged buffer (like HdVtBufferSource)
oCHdEmbreeConfigThis class is a singleton, holding configuration parameters for HdEmbree
oCHdEmbreeConstantSamplerThis class implements the HdEmbreePrimvarSampler interface for primvars with "constant" interpolation mode
oCHdEmbreeInstanceContextA small bit of state attached to each bit of instanced geometry in embree, for the benefit of HdEmbreeRenderPass::_TraceRay
oCHdEmbreeInstancerHdEmbree implements instancing by adding prototype geometry to the BVH multiple times within HdEmbreeMesh::Sync()
oCHdEmbreeMeshAn HdEmbree representation of a subdivision surface or poly-mesh object
oCHdEmbreePrimvarSamplerAn abstract base class that knows how to sample a primvar signal given a ray hit coordinate: an <element, u, v> tuple
oCHdEmbreePrototypeContextA small bit of state attached to each bit of prototype geometry in embree, for the benefit of HdEmbreeRenderPass::_TraceRay
oCHdEmbreeRenderDelegateRender delegates provide renderer-specific functionality to the render index, the main hydra state management structure
oCHdEmbreeRendererHdEmbreeRenderer implements a renderer on top of Embree's raycasting abilities
oCHdEmbreeRendererPluginA registered child of HdxRendererPlugin, this is the class that gets loaded when a hydra application asks to draw with a certain renderer
oCHdEmbreeRenderParamThe render delegate can create an object of type HdRenderParam, to pass to each prim during Sync()
oCHdEmbreeRenderPassHdRenderPass represents a single render iteration, rendering a view of the scene (the HdRprimCollection) for a specific viewer (the camera/viewport parameters in HdRenderPassState) to the current draw target
oCHdEmbreeRTCBufferAllocatorUtility class to track which embree user vertex buffers are currently in use
oCHdEmbreeSubdivVertexSamplerThis class implements the HdEmbreePrimvarSampler interface for primvars on subdiv meshes with "vertex" interpolation mode
oCHdEmbreeTriangleFaceVaryingSamplerThis class implements the HdEmbreePrimvarSampler interface for primvars on triangle meshes with "face-varying" interpolation modes
oCHdEmbreeTriangleVertexSamplerThis class implements the HdEmbreePrimvarSampler interface for primvars on triangle meshes with "vertex" or "varying" interpolation modes
oCHdEmbreeTypeHelperA utility class that helps map between C++ types and Hd type tags
oCHdEmbreeUniformSamplerThis class implements the HdEmbreePrimvarSampler interface for primvars with "uniform" interpolation mode
oCHdEngineThe application-facing entry point top-level entry point for accessing Hydra
oCHdExtCompCpuComputationA Buffer Source that represents a CPU implementation of a ExtComputation
oCHdExtCompPrimvarBufferSourceHd Buffer Source that binds a primvar to a Ext Computation output
oCHdExtComputationHydra Representation of a Client defined computation
oCHdExtComputationContextInterface class that defines the execution environment for the client to run a computation
oCHdExtComputationInputDescriptorDescribes an input to an ExtComputation that takes data from the output of another ExtComputation
oCHdExtComputationOutputDescriptorDescribes an output of an ExtComputation
oCHdExtComputationPrimvarDescriptorExtends HdPrimvarDescriptor to describe a primvar that takes data from the output of an ExtComputation
oCHdFieldHydra schema for a USD field primitive
oCHdGeomSubsetDescribes a subset of a piece of geometry as a set of indices
oCHdInstanceThis class is used as a pointer to the shared instance in HdInstanceRegistry
oCHdInstancerThis class exists to facilitate point cloud style instancing
oCHdInstanceRegistryHdInstanceRegistry is a dictionary container of HdInstance
oCHdLightA light model, used in conjunction with HdRenderPass
oCHdMaterialHydra Schema for a material object
oCHdMaterialNetworkDescribes a material network composed of nodes, primvars, and relationships between the nodes and terminals of those nodes
oCHdMaterialNetworkMapDescribes a map from network type to network
oCHdMaterialNodeDescribes a material node which is made of a path, an identifier and a list of parameters
oCHdMaterialRelationshipDescribes a connection between two nodes in a material
oCHdMeshHydra Schema for a subdivision surface or poly-mesh object
oCHdMeshReprDescDescriptor to configure the drawItem(s) for a repr
oCHdMeshTopologyTopology data for meshes
oCHdMeshUtilA collection of utility algorithms for generating triangulation and quadrangulation of an input topology
oCHdNullBufferSourceA abstract base class for pure cpu computation
oCHdParsedAovTokenRepresents an AOV token which has been parsed to extract the prefix (in the case of "primvars:"/"lpe:"/etc.)
oCHdPerfLogPerformance counter monitoring
oCHdPointsHydra Schema for a point cloud
oCHdPointsReprDescDescriptor to configure a drawItem for a repr
oCHdPrimvarDescriptorDescribes a primvar
oCHdQuadInfoA helper class for quadrangulation computation
oCHdRenderBufferA render buffer is a handle to a data resource that can be rendered into, such as a 2d image for a draw target or auxiliary rendering output
oCHdRenderBufferDescriptorDescribes the allocation structure of a render buffer bprim
oCHdRenderIndexThe Hydra render index is a flattened representation of the client scene graph, which may be composed of several self-contained scene graphs, each of which provides a HdSceneDelegate adapter for data access
oCHdRenderParamThe HdRenderParam is an opaque (to core Hydra) handle, to an object that is obtained from the render delegate and passed to each prim during Sync processing
oCHdRenderPassAn abstract class representing a single render iteration over a set of prims (the HdRprimCollection), for the camera/viewport parameters in HdRenderPassState
oCHdRenderPassAovBindingA renderpass AOV represents a binding of some output of the rendering process to an output buffer
oCHdRenderPassStateA set of rendering parameters used among render passes
oCHdRenderSettingDescriptorHdRenderSettingDescriptor represents a render setting that a render delegate wants to export (e.g
oCHdRenderThreadHdRenderThread is a utility that specific render delegates can choose to use depending on their needs
oCHdReprAn HdRepr refers to a (single) topological representation of an rprim, and owns the draw item(s) that visually represent it
oCHdReprSelectorDescribes one or more authored display representations for an rprim
oCHdResourceBase class for all GPU resource objects
oCHdResourceRegistryA central registry of all GPU resources
oCHdRprimThe render engine state for a given rprim from the scene graph
oCHdRprimCollectionA named, semantic collection of objects
oCHdSceneDelegateAdapter class providing data exchange with the client scene graph
oCHdSelectionHdSelection holds a collection of selected items per selection mode
oCHdSprimSprim (state prim) is a base class of managing state for non-drawable scene entity (e.g
oCHdStBasisCurvesA collection of curves using a particular basis
oCHdStBufferArrayRangeGLInterface class for representing range (subset) locator of HdBufferArray
oCHdStBufferArrayRangeGLContainerA resizable container of HdBufferArrayRanges
oCHdStBufferResourceGLA specific type of HdBufferResource (GPU resource) representing an OpenGL buffer object
oCHdStCommandBufferA buffer of commands (HdStDrawItem or HdComputeItem objects) to be executed
oCHdStComputeShaderA scene-based ComputeShader object
oCHdStCopyComputationGPUA GPU computation which transfers a vbo range specified by src and name to the given range
oCHdStDispatchBufferA VBO of a simple array of GLuint
oCHdStDrawItemInstanceA container to store instance state for a drawitem
oCHdStDrawTargetRepresents an render to texture render pass
oCHdStDrawTargetAttachmentDescRepresents an render to texture render pass
oCHdStDrawTargetAttachmentDescArrayDescribes all the color buffer attachments for a draw target
oCHdStDrawTargetRenderPassStateRepresents common non-gl context specific render pass state for a draw target
oCHdStExtCompGpuComputationA Computation that represents a GPU implementation of a ExtComputation
oCHdStExtCompGpuComputationBufferSourceA Buffer Source that represents input processing for a GPU implementation of an ExtComputation
oCHdStExtCompGpuComputationResourceA resource that represents the persistent GPU resources of an ExtComputation
oCHdStExtCompGpuPrimvarBufferSourceA buffer source mapped to an output of an ExtComp CPU computation
oCHdStExtComputationSpecialization of HdExtComputation which manages inputs as GPU resources
oCHdStGLBufferRelocatorA utility class to perform batched buffer copy
oCHdStGLSLProgramAn instance of a glsl program
oCHdStInstancerHdSt implements instancing by drawing each proto multiple times with a single draw call
oCHdStInterleavedMemoryManagerInterleaved memory manager (base class)
oCHdStLightA light model, used in conjunction with HdRenderPass
oCHdStLightingShaderA lighting shader base class
oCHdStMeshA subdivision surface or poly-mesh object
oCHdStPersistentBufferA buffer used to prepare data on the GPU that has a persistent mapping from the CPU
oCHdStRenderPassShaderA shader that supports common renderPass functionality
oCHdStRenderPassStateA set of rendering parameters used among render passes
oCHdStResourceGLBase class for simple OpenGL resource objects
oCHdStResourceRegistryA central registry of all GPU resources
oCHdStShaderCodeA base class representing the implementation (code) of a shader, used in conjunction with HdRenderPass
oCHdStSimpleTextureResourceHdStSimpleTextureResource is a simple (non-drawtarget) texture
oCHdStSurfaceShaderA scene-based SurfaceShader object
oCHdStTextureRepresents a Texture Buffer Prim
oCHdStTextureResourceHdStTextureResource is an interface to a GL-backed texture
oCHdStVBOMemoryManagerVBO memory manager
oCHdStVBOSimpleMemoryManagerVBO simple memory manager
oCHdSyncRequestVectorThe SceneDelegate is requested to synchronize prims as the result of executing a specific render pass, the following data structure is passed back to the delegate to drive synchronization
oCHdTextureRepresents a Texture Buffer Prim
oCHdTimeSampleArrayAn array of a value sampled over time, in struct-of-arrays layout
oCHdTupleTypeHdTupleType represents zero, one, or more values of the same HdType
oCHdUnitTestDelegateA simple delegate class for unit test driver
oCHdVec4f_2_10_10_10_REVHdVec4f_2_10_10_10_REV is a compact representation of a GfVec4f
oCHdVolumeHd schema for a renderable volume primitive
oCHdVolumeFieldDescriptorDescription of a single field related to a volume primitive
oCHdVtBufferSourceAn implementation of HdBufferSource where the source data value is a VtValue
oCHdxColorizeTaskA task for taking output AOV data and rendering it to the current GL buffer, possibly with a "colorizing" step (for example, mapping normals to RGB, or texture coords to RG)
oCHdxColorizeTaskParamsColorizeTask parameters
oCHdxCompositorThis class is a utility for rendering deep raytracer or aov output (color/depth) to the GL framebuffer
oCHdxDrawTargetRenderPassRepresents an render pass that renders to a draw target
oCHdxRendererPluginThis class defines a renderer plugin interface for Hydra
oCHdxRenderSetupTaskA task for setting up render pass state (camera, renderpass shader, GL states)
oCHdxRenderTaskA task for rendering geometry to pixels
oCHdxRenderTaskParamsRenderTask parameters (renderpass state)
oCHdxSelectionTaskThe SelectionTask is responsible for setting up render pass global buffers for selection and depositing those buffers into the task context for down stream consumption

Selection highlighting in Hydra:

oCHdxShadowTaskA task for generating shadow maps
oCHdxSimpleLightingShaderA shader that supports simple lighting functionality
oCHfPluginBaseBase class for all hydra plugin classes
oCHfPluginDescCommon structure used to report registered plugins in one of the plugin registries
oCHfPluginRegistryBase class for registering Hydra plugins using the plug mechanism
oCJsParseErrorA struct containing information about a JSON parsing error
oCJsValueA discriminated union type for JSON values
oCJsValueTypeConverterA helper class that can convert recursive JsValue structures to identical structures using a different container type
oCJsWriterThis class provides an interface to writing json values directly to a stream
oCKindRegistryA singleton that holds known kinds and information about them
oCNdrDiscoveryPluginInterface for discovery plugins
oCNdrDiscoveryPluginContextA context for discovery
oCNdrNodeRepresents an abstract node
oCNdrNodeDiscoveryResultRepresents the raw data of a node, and some other bits of metadata, that were determined via a NdrDiscoveryPlugin
oCNdrParserPluginInterface for parser plugins
oCNdrPropertyRepresents a property (input or output) that is part of a NdrNode instance
oCNdrRegistryThe registry provides access to node information
oCPcpArcRepresents an arc connecting two nodes in the prim index
oCPcpCachePcpCache is the context required to make requests of the Pcp composition algorithm and cache the results
oCPcpCacheChangesTypes of changes per cache
oCPcpChangesDescribes Pcp changes
oCPcpDependencyDescription of a dependency
oCPcpErrorArcCycleArcs between PcpNodes that form a cycle
oCPcpErrorArcPermissionDeniedArcs that were not made between PcpNodes because of permission restrictions
oCPcpErrorBaseBase class for all error types
oCPcpErrorInconsistentAttributeTypeAttributes that have specs with conflicting definitions
oCPcpErrorInconsistentAttributeVariabilityAttributes that have specs with conflicting variability
oCPcpErrorInconsistentPropertyTypeProperties that have specs with conflicting definitions
oCPcpErrorInternalAssetPathError about an arc that is prohibited due to being internal to an asset
oCPcpErrorInvalidAssetPathInvalid asset paths used by references or payloads
oCPcpErrorInvalidExternalTargetPathInvalid target or connection path in some scope that points to an object outside of that scope
oCPcpErrorInvalidInstanceTargetPathInvalid target or connection path authored in an inherited class that points to an instance of that class
oCPcpErrorInvalidPrimPathInvalid prim paths used by references or payloads
oCPcpErrorInvalidReferenceOffsetSublayers that use invalid layer offsets
oCPcpErrorInvalidSublayerOffsetSublayers that use invalid layer offsets
oCPcpErrorInvalidSublayerOwnershipSibling layers that have the same owner
oCPcpErrorInvalidSublayerPathAsset paths that could not be both resolved and loaded
oCPcpErrorInvalidTargetPathInvalid target or connection path
oCPcpErrorInvalidVariantSelectionInvalid variant selections
oCPcpErrorMutedAssetPathMuted asset paths used by references or payloads
oCPcpErrorOpinionAtRelocationSourceOpinions were found at a relocation source path
oCPcpErrorPrimPermissionDeniedLayers with illegal opinions about private prims
oCPcpErrorPropertyPermissionDeniedLayers with illegal opinions about private properties
oCPcpErrorSublayerCycleLayers that recursively sublayer themselves
oCPcpErrorTargetPathBaseBase class for composition errors related to target or connection paths
oCPcpErrorTargetPermissionDeniedPaths with illegal opinions about private targets
oCPcpErrorUnresolvedPrimPathAsset paths that could not be both resolved and loaded
oCPcpInstanceKeyA PcpInstanceKey identifies instanceable prim indexes that share the same set of opinions
oCPcpIteratorTraitsTraits class for retrieving useful characteristics about one of the Pcp iterator types above
oCPcpLayerPrefetchRequestPcpLayerPrefetchRequest represents a request to pre-fetch and retain a set of layers in memory
oCPcpLayerStackRepresents a stack of layers that contribute opinions to composition
oCPcpLayerStackChangesTypes of changes per layer stack
oCPcpLayerStackIdentifierArguments used to identify a layer stack
oCPcpLayerStackSiteA site specifies a path in a layer stack of scene description
oCPcpLifeboatStructure used to temporarily retain layers and layerStacks within a code block
oCPcpMapExpressionAn expression that yields a PcpMapFunction value
oCPcpMapFunctionA function that maps values from one namespace (and time domain) to another
oCPcpNamespaceEditsSites that must respond to a namespace edit
oCPcpNodeIteratorObject used to iterate over nodes in the prim index graph in strong-to-weak order
oCPcpNodeRefPcpNode represents a node in an expression tree for compositing scene description
oCPcpNodeReverseIteratorObject used to iterate over nodes in the prim index graph in weak-to-strong order
oCPcpPayloadContextContext object that allows PcpPayloadDecorator subclasses to examine the prim index being constructed
oCPcpPayloadDecoratorPcpPayloadDecorator provides a way to specify additional information to the prim indexing algorithm when it loads payload layers
oCPcpPrimIndexPcpPrimIndex is an index of the all sites of scene description that contribute opinions to a specific prim, under composition semantics
oCPcpPrimIndexInputsInputs for the prim indexing procedure
oCPcpPrimIndexOutputsOutputs of the prim indexing procedure
oCPcpPrimIteratorObject used to iterate over prim specs in the prim index graph in strong-to-weak order
oCPcpPrimReverseIteratorObject used to iterate over prim specs in the prim index graph in weak-to-strong order
oCPcpPropertyIndexPcpPropertyIndex is an index of all sites in scene description that contribute opinions to a specific property, under composition semantics
oCPcpPropertyIteratorObject used to iterate over property specs in a property index in strong-to-weak order
oCPcpPropertyReverseIteratorObject used to iterate over property specs in a property index in weak-to-strong order
oCPcpSiteA site specifies a path in a layer stack of scene description
oCPcpSiteTrackerSegmentUsed to keep track of which sites have been visited and through what type of arcs
oCPcpSourceReferenceInfoInformation about reference arcs
oCPcpTargetIndexA PcpTargetIndex represents the results of indexing the target paths of a relationship or attribute
oCPlugNoticeNotifications sent by the Plug library
oCPlugPluginDefines an interface to registered plugins
oCPlugRegistryDefines an interface for registering plugins
oCPlugStaticInterfaceProvides access to an interface into a plugin
oCpx_LegacyViewportUtilsThis class contains helper methods and utilities to help with the transition from the Maya legacy viewport to Viewport 2.0
oCPxOsdMeshTopologyTopology data for meshes
oCPxOsdSubdivTagsTags for non-hierarchial subdiv surfaces
oCPxrMayaGLSLProgramA convenience class that abstracts away the OpenGL API details of compiling and linking GLSL shaders into a program
oCPxrMayaHdImagingShapeSimple Maya shape providing batched drawing of other shapes imaged by Hydra
oCPxrMayaHdImagingShapeDrawOverrideDraw override for drawing the pxrHdImagingShape node in Viewport 2.0
oCPxrMayaHdImagingShapeUIClass for drawing the pxrHdImagingShape node in the legacy viewport
oCPxrMayaHdShapeAdapterAbstract base class for objects that manage translation of Maya shape node data and viewport state for imaging with Hydra
oCPxrMayaHdUsdProxyShapeAdapterClass to manage translation of USD proxy shape node data and viewport state for imaging with Hydra
oCPxrMayaHdUserDataContainer for all of the information needed for a draw request in the legacy viewport or Viewport 2.0, without requiring shape querying at draw time
oCPxrUsdKatanaAttrMapAn object to store attributes
oCPxrUsdKatanaUsdInArgsThe sessionAttr is a structured GroupAttribute argument for delivering edits to the session layer of the stage
oCPxrUsdKatanaUsdInPluginRegistryMaintains the registry for usd types and kind
oCPxrUsdKatanaUsdInPrivateDataPrivate data for each non-root invocation of PxrUsdIn
oCPxrUsdKatanaUtilsLightListAccessUtility class for building a light list
oCPxrUsdKatanaUtilsLightListEditorUtility class for building a light list
oCPxrUsdTranslators_CameraWriterExports Maya cameras to UsdGeomCamera
oCPxrUsdTranslators_FileTextureWriterShader writer for exporting Maya's "file" texture shading node to USD
oCPxrUsdTranslators_InstancerWriterExporter for Maya particle instancer nodes (MFnInstancer)
oCPxrUsdTranslators_JointWriterExports joint hierarchies (the hierarchies of DAG nodes rooted at a joint) as a UsdSkelSkeleton, along with a UsdSkelAnimation if the joints are animated or posed differently from their rest pose
oCPxrUsdTranslators_LocatorWriterA simple USD prim writer for Maya locator shape nodes
oCPxrUsdTranslators_MeshWriterExports Maya mesh objects (MFnMesh)as UsdGeomMesh prims, taking into account subd/poly, skinning, reference objects, UVs, and color sets
oCPxrUsdTranslators_NurbsCurveWriterExports Maya nurbsCurve objects (MFnNurbsCurve) as UsdGeomNurbsCurves
oCPxrUsdTranslators_NurbsSurfaceWriterExports Maya nurbsSurface objects (MFnNurbsSurface) as UsdGeomNurbsPatch
oCSdfAbstractDataInterface for scene description data storage
oCSdfAbstractDataConstTypedValueThe fully-typed container for a field value in an SdfAbstractData
oCSdfAbstractDataConstValueA type-erased container for a const field value in an SdfAbstractData
oCSdfAbstractDataSpecIdIdentifies a spec in an SdfAbstractData container
oCSdfAbstractDataSpecVisitorBase class for objects used to visit specs in an SdfAbstractData object
oCSdfAbstractDataTypedValueThe fully-typed container for a field value in an SdfAbstractData
oCSdfAbstractDataValueA type-erased container for a field value in an SdfAbstractData
oCSdfAdaptedChildrenViewCreatorHelper class to convert a given view of type _View to an adapted view using _Adapter as the adapter class
oCSdfAllowedIndicates if an operation is allowed and, if not, why not
oCSdfAssetPathContains an asset path and an optional resolved path
oCSdfAttributeSpecA subclass of SdfPropertySpec that holds typed data
oCSdfAttributeViewPredicatePredicate for viewing attributes
oCSdfBatchNamespaceEditA description of an arbitrarily complex namespace edit
oCSdfChangeListA list of scene description modifications, organized by the namespace paths where the changes occur
oCSdfChildrenViewProvides a view onto an object's children
oCSdfChildrenViewTrivialAdapterSpecial case adapter that does no conversions
oCSdfChildrenViewTrivialPredicateSpecial case predicate that always passes
oCSdfCleanupEnablerAn RAII class which, when an instance is alive, enables scheduling of automatic cleanup of SdfLayers
oCSdfConnectionMapperValuePolicyValue policy for connection mappers
oCSdfConnectionMapperViewPredicatePredicate for connection mappers
oCSdfCopySpecsValueEditValue containing an editing operation for SdfCopySpecs
oCSdfDataSdfData provides concrete scene description data storage
oCSdfFileFormatBase class for file format implementations
oCSdfGenericSpecViewPredicatePredicate for viewing properties
oCSdfGetCppTypeA metafunction that returns the underlying C++ type given a traits type
oCSdfGetShapedCppTypeA metafunction that returns the underlying shaped C++ type given a traits type
oCSdfHandleSdfHandle is a smart ptr that calls IsDormant() on the pointed-to object as an extra expiration check so that dormant objects appear to be expired
oCSdfIdentityMapEditProxyValuePolicyA value policy for SdfMapEditProxy that does nothing
oCSdfLayerA unit of scene description that you combine with other units of scene description to form a shot, model, set, shader, and so on
oCSdfLayerBaseBase class for all layer implementations
oCSdfLayerOffsetRepresents a time offset and scale between layers
oCSdfLayerStateDelegateBaseMaintains authoring state information for an associated layer
oCSdfLayerTreeA SdfLayerTree is an immutable tree structure representing a sublayer stack and its recursive structure
oCSdfListEditorProxyRepresents a set of list editing operations
oCSdfListOpValue type representing a list-edit operation
oCSdfListProxyRepresents a single list of list editing operations
oCSdfMapEditProxyA proxy for editing map-like values
oCSdfMapperArgSpecRepresents an argument to a specific mapper
oCSdfMapperSpecRepresents the mapper to be used for values coming from a particular connection path of an attribute
oCSdfNameKeyPolicyKey policy for std::string names
oCSdfNamespaceEditA single namespace edit
oCSdfNamespaceEditDetailDetailed information about a namespace edit
oCSdfNameTokenKeyPolicyKey policy for TfToken names
oCSdfNoticeWrapper class for Sdf notices
oCSdfPathA path value used to locate objects in layers or scenegraphs
oCSdfPathKeyPolicyKey policy for SdfPath; converts all SdfPaths to absolute
oCSdfPathTableA mapping from SdfPath to MappedType, somewhat similar to map<SdfPath, MappedType> and TfHashMap<SdfPath, MappedType>, but with key differences
oCSdfPayloadRepresents a payload and all its meta data
oCSdfPrimSpecRepresents a prim description in an SdfLayer object
oCSdfPropertySpecBase class for SdfAttributeSpec and SdfRelationshipSpec
oCSdfPyWrapListOpHelper class for wrapping SdfListOp objects for Python
oCSdfReferenceRepresents a reference and all its meta data
oCSdfReferenceTypePolicyList editor type policy for SdfReference
oCSdfRelationshipSpecA property that contains a reference to one or more SdfPrimSpec instances
oCSdfRelationshipViewPredicatePredicate for viewing relationships
oCSdfRelocatesMapProxyValuePolicyMap edit proxy value policy for relocates maps
oCSdfSchemaClass that provides information about the various scene description fields
oCSdfSchemaBaseGeneric class that provides information about scene description fields but doesn't actually provide any fields
oCSdfSimpleLayerStateDelegateA layer state delegate that simply records whether any changes have been made to a layer
oCSdfSiteAn SdfSite is a simple representation of a location in a layer where opinions may possibly be found
oCSdfSpecBase class for all Sdf spec classes
oCSdfSpecTypeRegistrationProvides functions to register spec types with the runtime typing system used to cast between C++ spec types
oCSdfSubLayerTypePolicyList editor type policy for sublayers
oCSdfTextFileFormatSdf text file format
oCSdfTupleDimensionsRepresents the shape of a value type (or that of an element in an array)
oCSdfUnregisteredValueStores a representation of the value for an unregistered metadata field encountered during text layer parsing
oCSdfValueBlockA special value type that can be used to explicitly author an opinion for an attribute's default value or time sample value that represents having no value
oCSdfValueTypeNameRepresents a value type name, i.e
oCSdfValueTypeNameHashFunctor for hashing a SdfValueTypeName
oCSdfVariantSetSpecRepresents a coherent set of alternate representations for part of a scene
oCSdfVariantSpecRepresents a single variant in a variant set
oCSdrOslParserPluginParses OSL nodes
oCSdrRegistryThe shading-specialized version of NdrRegistry
oCSdrShaderNodeA specialized version of NdrNode which holds shading information
oCSdrShaderPropertyA specialized version of NdrProperty which holds shading information
oCTfAnyWeakPtrProvides the ability to hold an arbitrary TfWeakPtr in a non-type-specific manner in order to observe whether it has expired or not
oCTfAtomicOfstreamWrapperA class that wraps a file output stream, providing improved tolerance for write failures
oCTfCopyIfNotReferenceTfCopyIfNotReference<T>::Apply(v) is used to return a pointer to the value v
oCTfDebugEnum-based debugging messages
oCTfDebugSymbolEnableChangedNoticeSent when a debug symbol has been enabled or disabled
oCTfDebugSymbolsChangedNoticeSent when the list of available debug symbol names has changed
oCTfDeclarePtrsTemplated struct used for type definition macros
oCTfDeleterFunction object for deleting any pointer
oCTfDenseHashMapThis is a space efficient container that mimics the TfHashMap API that uses a vector for storage when the size of the map is small
oCTfDenseHashSetThis is a space efficient container that mimics the TfHashSet API that uses a vector for storage when the size of the set is small
oCTfDiagnosticBaseRepresents the base class of an object representing a diagnostic message
oCTfDiagnosticMgrSingleton class through which all errors and diagnostics pass
oCTfDictionaryLessThanProvides dictionary ordering binary predicate function on strings
oCTfEnumAn enum class that records both enum type and enum value
oCTfErrorRepresents an object that contains error information
oCTfErrorMarkClass used to record the end of the error-list
oCTfErrorTransportA facility for transporting errors from thread to thread
oCTfFlyweightAn implementation of the "flyweight pattern":
oCTfFlyweightTotalOrderLessThanA functor that gives a total order for flyweight objects
oCTfGetFunction object for retrieving the N'th element of a std::pair or std::tuple
oCTfHashProvides hash function on STL string types and other types
oCTfIteratorA simple iterator adapter for STL containers
oCTfMallocTagTop-down memory tagging system
oCTfNoticeThe base class for objects used to notify interested parties (listeners) when events have occurred
oCTfPatternMatcherClass for matching regular expressions
oCTfPointerAndBitsThis class stores a T * and a small integer in the space of a T *
oCTfPyArgClass representing a function argument
oCTfPyCallProvide a way to call a Python callable
oCTfPyExceptionStateScopeRAII class to save and restore the Python exception state
oCTfPyMapToDictionaryA boost::python result converter generator which converts standard library maps to dictionaries
oCTfPyMethodResultA reimplementation of boost::python::detail::method_result
oCTfPyModuleWasLoadedA TfNotice that is sent when a script module is loaded
oCTfPyObjWrapperBoost Python object wrapper
oCTfPyOverrideA reimplementation of boost::python::override
oCTfPyPairToTupleA boost::python result converter generator which converts standard library pairs to tuples
oCTfPyRaiseOnErrorA boost.python call policy class which, when applied to a wrapped function, will create an error mark before calling the function, and check that error mark after the function has completed
oCTfPySequenceToListA boost::python result converter generator which converts standard library sequences to lists
oCTfPySequenceToListRefPtrFactoryA boost::python result converter generator which converts standard library sequences to lists of python owned objects
oCTfPySequenceToSetA boost::python result converter generator which converts standard library sequences to sets
oCTfPySequenceToTupleA boost::python result converter generator which converts standard library sequences to tuples
oCTfPyTraceInfoStructure passed to python trace functions
oCTfPyWrapEnumUsed to wrap enum types for script
oCTfRefBaseEnable a concrete base class for use with TfRefPtr
oCTfRefCountReference counter class
oCTfRefPtrReference-counted smart pointer utility class
oCTfRefPtrTrackerProvides tracking of TfRefPtr objects to particular objects
oCTfRegistryManagerManage initialization of registries
oCTfRegTestTfRegTest is a singleton class, which is used to register functions with either type bool (*)(int, char*[]), or functions returning type bool and taking no arguments
oCTfSafeOutputFileOpens a file for output, either for update "r+" or to completely replace "w+"
oCTfScopedExecute code on exiting scope
oCTfScopedAutoVarReset variable on exiting scope
oCTfScopeDescriptionThis class is used to provide high-level descriptions about scopes of execution that could possibly block, or to provide relevant information about high-level action that would be useful in a crash report
oCTfScopedVarReset variable on exiting scope
oCTfScriptModuleLoaderProvides low-level facilities for shared libraries with script bindings to register themselves with their dependences, and provides a mechanism whereby those script modules will be loaded when necessary
oCTfSimpleRefBaseEnable a concrete base class for use with TfRefPtr that inhibits the "unique changed" facility of TfRefPtr
oCTfSingletonManage a single instance of an object (see
oCTfSizeofTypeMetafunction returning sizeof(T) for a type T (or 0 if T is a void type)
oCTfStackedA TfStacked is used where a class needs to keep a stack of the objects currently in existence
oCTfStackedAccessClasses that derive TfStacked may befriend TfStackedAccess if they wish to customize aspects TfStacked's behavior
oCTfStaticDataCreate or return a previously created object instance of global data
oCTfStatusRepresents an object that contains information about a status message
oCTfStopwatchLow-cost, high-resolution timer datatype
oCTfStreamDoubleA type which offers streaming for doubles in a canonical format that can safely roundtrip with the minimal number of digits
oCTfStreamFloatA type which offers streaming for floats in a canonical format that can safely roundtrip with the minimal number of digits
oCTfTemplateStringTfTemplateString provides simple string substitutions based on named placeholders
oCTfTokenToken for efficient comparison, assignment, and hashing of known strings
oCTfTokenFastArbitraryLessThanFast but non-lexicographical (in fact, arbitrary) less-than comparison for TfTokens
oCTfTraitsType-querying abilities
oCTfTypeTfType represents a dynamic runtime type
oCTfTypeFunctionsImplements assorted functions based on compile-time type information
oCTfTypeInfoMapA map whose key is a const std::type_info&, or a string alias
oCTfTypePythonClassA boost.python visitor that associates the Python class object created by the wrapping with the TfType of the C++ type being wrapped
oCTfTypeWasDeclaredNoticeTfNotice sent after a TfType is declared
oCTfWarningRepresents an object that contains information about a warning
oCTfWeakBaseEnable a concrete base class for use with TfWeakPtr
oCTfWeakPtrPointer storage with deletion detection
oCTfWeakPtrFacadeAccessThis access class is befriended by TfWeakPtrFacade -derived classes to grant TfWeakPtrFacade access to specific internal functions provided by the derived classes
oCThraceThreadIdThis class represents an identifier for a thread
oCTrace_AggregateTreeBuilderThis class populates a tree of TraceAggregateTree instances from TraceCollection instances
oCTrace_EventTreeBuilderThis class creates a tree of TraceEventTree instances from TraceCollection instances
oCTrace_JSONSerializationThis class contains methods to read and write TraceCollections in JSON format
oCTraceAggregateNodeA representation of a call tree
oCTraceAggregateTreeA representation of a call tree
oCTraceAutoA class which records a begin event when it is constructed, and a matching end event when it is destructed
oCTraceCategoryThis singleton class provides a way to mark TraceEvent instances with category Ids which can be used to filter them
oCTraceCollectionThis class owns lists of TraceEvent instances per thread, and allows read access to them
oCTraceCollectionAvailableA TfNotice that is sent when the TraceCollector creates a TraceCollection
oCTraceCollectorThis is a singleton class that records TraceEvent instances and populates TraceCollection instances
oCTraceConcurrentListThis class supports thread safe insertion and iteration over a list of items
oCTraceCounterAccumulatorThis class accumulates counter values from TraceCollection instances
oCTraceCounterHolderHolds on to a counter key, as well as the global collector for fast lookup
oCTraceDataBufferThis class stores copies of data that are associated with TraceEvent instances
oCTraceDynamicKeyThis class stores data used to create dynamic keys which can be referenced in TraceEvent instances
oCTraceEventThis represents an event recorded by a TraceCollector
oCTraceEventContainerHolds TraceEvent instances
oCTraceEventDataThis class holds data that can be stored in TraceEvents
oCTraceEventListThis class represents an ordered collection of TraceEvents and the TraceDynamicKeys and data that the events reference
oCTraceEventNodeTraceEventNode is used to represents call tree of a trace
oCTraceEventTreeThis class contains a timeline call tree and a map of counters to their values over time
oCTraceKeyA wrapper around a TraceStaticKeyData pointer that is stored in TraceEvent instances
oCTraceReporterThis class converters streams of TraceEvent objects into call trees which can then be used as a data source to a GUI or written out to a file
oCTraceReporterBaseThis class is a base class for report implementations
oCTraceReporterDataSourceBaseThis class is a base class for TraceReporterBase data sources
oCTraceReporterDataSourceCollectionThis class is an implementation of TraceReporterDataSourceBase which provides access to a set number of TraceCollection instances
oCTraceReporterDataSourceCollectorThis class is an implementation of TraceReporterDataSourceBase which retrieves TraceCollections from the TraceCollector singleton
oCTraceScopeAutoA class which records a timestamp when it is created and a scope event when it is destructed
oCTraceSerializationThis class contains methods to read and write TraceCollection
oCTraceStaticKeyDataThis class holds data necessary to create keys for TraceEvent instances
oCTraceStringHashThis class provides a function to compute compile time hashes for string literals
oCUsdAPISchemaBaseThe base class for all API schemas
oCUsdAttributeScenegraph object for authoring and retrieving numeric, string, and array valued data, sampled over time
oCUsdAttributeQueryObject for efficiently making repeated queries for attribute values
oCUsdClipsAPIUsdClipsAPI is an API schema that provides an interface to a prim's clip metadata
oCUsdCollectionAPIThis is a general purpose API schema, used to describe a collection of heterogeneous objects within the scene
oCUsdCrateInfoA class for introspecting the underlying qualities of .usdc 'crate' files, for diagnostic purposes
oCUsdEditContextA utility class to temporarily modify a stage's current EditTarget during an execution scope
oCUsdEditTargetDefines a mapping from scene graph paths to Sdf spec paths in a SdfLayer where edits should be directed, or up to where to perform partial composition
oCUsdGeomBasisCurvesBasisCurves are a batched curve representation analogous to the classic RIB definition via Basis and Curves statements
oCUsdGeomBBoxCacheCaches bounds by recursively computing and aggregating bounds of children in world space and aggregating the result back into local space
oCUsdGeomBoundableBoundable introduces the ability for a prim to persistently cache a rectilinear, local-space, extent
oCUsdGeomCameraTransformable camera
oCUsdGeomCapsuleDefines a primitive capsule, i.e
oCUsdGeomConeDefines a primitive cone, centered at the origin, whose spine is along the specified axis, with the apex of the cone pointing in the direction of the positive axis
oCUsdGeomConstraintTargetSchema wrapper for UsdAttribute for authoring and introspecting attributes that are constraint targets
oCUsdGeomCubeDefines a primitive rectilinear cube centered at the origin
oCUsdGeomCurvesBase class for BasisCurves and NurbsCurves
oCUsdGeomCylinderDefines a primitive cylinder with closed ends, centered at the origin, whose spine is along the specified axis
oCUsdGeomGprimBase class for all geometric primitives
oCUsdGeomImageableBase class for all prims that may require rendering or visualization of some sort
oCUsdGeomMeshEncodes a mesh surface whose definition and feature-set will converge with that of OpenSubdiv,
oCUsdGeomModelAPIUsdGeomModelAPI extends the generic UsdModelAPI schema with geometry specific concepts such as cached extents for the entire model, constraint targets, and geometry-inspired extensions to the payload lofting process
oCUsdGeomMotionAPIUsdGeomMotionAPI encodes data that can live on any prim that may affect computations involving:
oCUsdGeomNurbsCurvesThis schema is analagous to NURBS Curves in packages like Maya and Houdini, often used for interchange of rigging and modeling curves
oCUsdGeomNurbsPatchEncodes a rational or polynomial non-uniform B-spline surface, with optional trim curves
oCUsdGeomPointBasedBase class for all UsdGeomGprims that possess points, providing common attributes such as normals and velocities
oCUsdGeomPointInstancerEncodes vectorized instancing of multiple, potentially animated, prototypes (object/instance masters), which can be arbitrary prims/subtrees on a UsdStage
oCUsdGeomPointsPoints are analogous to the RiPoints spec
oCUsdGeomPrimvarSchema wrapper for UsdAttribute for authoring and introspecting attributes that are primvars
oCUsdGeomPrimvarsAPIUsdGeomPrimvarsAPI encodes geometric "primitive variables", as UsdGeomPrimvar, which interpolate across a primitive's topology, can override shader inputs, and inherit down namespace
oCUsdGeomScopeScope is the simplest grouping primitive, and does not carry the baggage of transformability
oCUsdGeomSphereDefines a primitive sphere centered at the origin
oCUsdGeomSubsetEncodes a subset of a piece of geometry (i.e
oCUsdGeomTokensTypeUsdGeomTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdGeomXformConcrete prim schema for a transform, which implements Xformable
oCUsdGeomXformableBase class for all transformable prims, which allows arbitrary sequences of component affine transformations to be encoded
oCUsdGeomXformCacheA caching mechanism for transform matrices
oCUsdGeomXformCommonAPIThis class provides API for authoring and retrieving a standard set of component transformations which include a scale, a rotation, a scale-rotate pivot and a translation
oCUsdGeomXformOpSchema wrapper for UsdAttribute for authoring and computing transformation operations, as consumed by UsdGeomXformable schema
oCUsdHydraTokensTypeUsdHydraTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdImagingAdapterRegistryRegistry of PrimAdapter plug-ins
oCUsdImagingBasisCurvesAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomBasisCurves
oCUsdImagingCapsuleAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomCapsule
oCUsdImagingConeAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomCone
oCUsdImagingCubeAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomCube
oCUsdImagingCylinderAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomCylinder
oCUsdImagingCylinderLightAdapterAdapter class for lights of type CylinderLight
oCUsdImagingDelegateThe primary translation layer between the Hydra (Hd) core and the Usd scene graph
oCUsdImagingDiskLightAdapterAdapter class for lights of type DiskLight
oCUsdImagingDistantLightAdapterAdapter class for lights of type DistantLight
oCUsdImagingDomeLightAdapterAdapter class for lights of type DomeLight
oCUsdImagingField3DAssetAdapterAdapter class for fields of type Field3DAsset
oCUsdImagingFieldAdapterBase class for all USD fields
oCUsdImagingGLDrawModeAdapterDelegate support for the drawMode attribute on UsdGeomModelAPI
oCUsdImagingGLEngineThe UsdImagingGLEngine is the main entry point API for rendering USD scenes
oCUsdImagingGLHydraMaterialAdapterProvides information that can be used to generate a surface shader in hydra
oCUsdImagingGLRenderParamsUsed as an arguments class for various methods in UsdImagingGLEngine
oCUsdImagingGprimAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomGrims
oCUsdImagingIndexProxyThis proxy class exposes a subset of the private Delegate API to PrimAdapters
oCUsdImagingInstanceAdapterDelegate support for instanced prims
oCUsdImagingInstancerContextObject used by instancer prim adapters to pass along context about the instancer and instance prim to prototype prim adapters
oCUsdImagingLightAdapterBase class for all lights
oCUsdImagingMaterialAdapterProvides information that can be used to generate a material
oCUsdImagingMeshAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomMesh
oCUsdImagingNurbsPatchAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomNurbsPatch
oCUsdImagingOpenVDBAssetAdapterAdapter class for fields of type OpenVDBAsset
oCUsdImagingPointInstancerAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomPointInstancer
oCUsdImagingPointsAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomPoints
oCUsdImagingPrimAdapterBase class for all PrimAdapters
oCUsdImagingRectLightAdapterAdapter class for lights of type RectLight
oCUsdImagingSkeletonAdapterSupport for drawing bones of a UsdSkelSkeleton
oCUsdImagingSphereAdapterDelegate support for UsdGeomSphere
oCUsdImagingSphereLightAdapterAdapter class for lights of type SphereLight
oCUsdImagingValueCacheA heterogeneous value container without type erasure
oCUsdImagingVolumeAdapterDelegate support for UsdVolVolume
oCUsdInheritsA proxy class for applying listOp edits to the inherit paths list for a prim
oCUsdKatanaBlindDataObjectContainer namespace schema for katana blind data from the klf file
oCUsdKatanaLookAPIKatana-specific extensions of UsdShadeMaterial
oCUsdKatanaTokensTypeUsdKatanaTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdLinearInterpolationTraitsTraits class describing whether a particular C++ value type supports linear interpolation
oCUsdLuxCylinderLightLight emitted outward from a cylinder
oCUsdLuxDiskLightLight emitted from one side of a circular disk
oCUsdLuxDistantLightLight emitted from a distant source along the -Z axis
oCUsdLuxDomeLightLight emitted inward from a distant external environment, such as a sky or IBL light probe
oCUsdLuxGeometryLightLight emitted outward from a geometric prim (UsdGeomGprim), which is typically a mesh
oCUsdLuxLightBase class for all lights
oCUsdLuxLightFilterA light filter modifies the effect of a light
oCUsdLuxLightPortalA rectangular portal in the local XY plane that guides sampling of a dome light
oCUsdLuxListAPIAPI schema to support discovery and publishing of lights in a scene
oCUsdLuxRectLightLight emitted from one side of a rectangle
oCUsdLuxShadowAPIControls to refine a light's shadow behavior
oCUsdLuxShapingAPIControls for shaping a light's emission
oCUsdLuxSphereLightLight emitted outward from a sphere
oCUsdLuxTokensTypeUsdLuxTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdMaya_FallbackPrimReaderThis is a special prim reader that is used whenever a typeless prim or prim with unknown types is encountered when traversing USD
oCUsdMaya_FunctorPrimReaderThis class is scaffolding to hold bare prim reader functions
oCUsdMaya_FunctorPrimWriterThis class is scaffolding to hold bare prim writer functions and adapt them to the UsdMayaPrimWriter or UsdMayaTransformWriter interface (depending on whether the writer plugin is handling a shape or a transform)
oCUsdMaya_InstancedNodeWriterThis is a "helper" prim writer used internally by UsdMayaWriteJobContext to author nodes that are directly instanced in Maya
oCUsdMaya_ModelKindProcessorThis class encapsulates all of the logic for writing model kinds from UsdMaya_WriteJob
oCUsdMaya_RegistryHelperPrivate helper so that both reader/writer registries can share the same plugin discovery/load mechanism
oCUsdMaya_SkelBindingsProcessorThis class encapsulates all of the logic for writing or modifying SkelRoot prims for all scopes that have skel bindings
oCUsdMayaAdaptorThe UsdMayaAdaptor transparently adapts the interface for a Maya object to a UsdPrim-like interface, allowing you to get and set Maya attributes as VtValues
oCUsdMayaAssemblyConnectedToInstancerNoticeNotice sent when any reference assembly is connected as a prototype of a native Maya instancer
oCUsdMayaAssemblyDisconnectedFromInstancerNoticeNotice sent when any reference assembly was previously a prototype of a native Maya instancer but has now been disconnected from it
oCUsdMayaBlockSceneModificationContextUtility class for wrapping a scope of Maya operations such that the modification status of the Maya scene is preserved
oCUsdMayaChaserBase class for plugin chasers which are plugins that run after the core usdExport out of maya
oCUsdMayaChaserRegistryRegistry for chaser plugins
oCUsdMayaDiagnosticBatchContextAs long as a batch context remains alive (process-wide), the UsdMayaDiagnosticDelegate will save diagnostic messages, only emitting them when the last batch context is destructed
oCUsdMayaDiagnosticDelegateConverts Tf diagnostics into native Maya infos, warnings, and errors
oCUsdMayaEditUtilUtility class for handling edits on Assemblies in Maya
oCUsdMayaExportTranslatorFile translator for USD files. Handles the USD option in the Export window
oCUsdMayaGL_InstancerImagerClass for syncing native Maya instancers with the pxrHdImagingShape so that it can draw USD reference assemblies connected to native Maya instancers
oCUsdMayaGL_InstancerShapeAdapterClass to manage translation of native Maya instancers into UsdGeomPointInstancers for imaging with Hydra
oCUsdMayaGLBatchRendererUsdMayaGLBatchRenderer is a singleton that shapes can use to get consistent batched drawing via Hydra in Maya, regardless of legacy viewport or Viewport 2.0 usage
oCUsdMayaGLHdRendererSimple implementation of a Hydra renderer for a Maya shape
oCUsdMayaGLSoftSelectHelperHelper class to store soft ("rich") selection state while computing render params for a frame
oCUsdMayaImportTranslatorFile translator for USD files. Handles the USD option in the Import window
oCUsdMayaPointBasedDeformerNodeMaya deformer that uses the points of a UsdGeomPointBased prim to deform the geometry
oCUsdMayaPrimReaderArgsThis class holds read-only arguments that are passed into reader plugins for the usdMaya library
oCUsdMayaPrimReaderContextThis class provides an interface for reader plugins to communicate state back to the core usd maya logic as well as retrieve information set by other plugins
oCUsdMayaPrimReaderRegistryProvides functionality to register and lookup usd Maya reader plugins
oCUsdMayaPrimWriterBase class for all built-in and user-defined prim writers
oCUsdMayaPrimWriterArgsThis class holds read-only arguments that are passed into the writer plugins for the usdMaya library
oCUsdMayaPrimWriterRegistryProvides functionality to register and lookup USD writer plugins for Maya nodes
oCUsdMayaReadUtilThis struct contains helpers for reading USD (thus writing Maya data)
oCUsdMayaRoundTripUtilThis holds some utility functions for dealing with data from Maya to Usd and back
oCUsdMayaSceneResetNoticeNotice sent when the Maya scene resets, either by opening a new scene or switching to a new scene
oCUsdMayaShaderWriterBase class for USD prim writers that export Maya shading nodes as USD shader prims
oCUsdMayaShadingModeRegistryWe understand that shading may want to be imported/exported in many ways across studios
oCUsdMayaStageNodeMaya dependency node that reads and outputs a USD stage
oCUsdMayaStageNoticeListenerA notice listener that can invoke callbacks in response to notices about a specific USD stage
oCUsdMayaTransformWriterWrites transforms and serves as the base class for custom transform writers
oCUsdMayaTranslatorCameraProvides helper functions for translating to/from UsdGeomCamera
oCUsdMayaTranslatorCurvesProvides helper functions for creating UsdCurves
oCUsdMayaTranslatorGprimProvides helper functions for reading UsdGeomGprim
oCUsdMayaTranslatorMaterialProvides helper functions for reading UsdShadeMaterial
oCUsdMayaTranslatorMeshProvides helper functions for translating UsdGeomMesh prims into Maya meshes
oCUsdMayaTranslatorPrimProvides helper functions for reading UsdPrim
oCUsdMayaTranslatorUtilProvides helper functions for other readers to use
oCUsdMayaTranslatorXformableProvides helper functions for reading UsdGeomXformable
oCUsdMayaUndoHelperCommandThis is an internal helper command to provide undo support for operations performed through the OpenMaya API
oCUsdMayaUserTaggedAttributeRepresents a single attribute tagged for translation between Maya and USD, and describes how it will be exported from/imported into Maya
oCUsdMayaWriteJobContextProvides basic functionality and access to shared data for UsdMayaPrimWriters
oCUsdMayaWriteUtilThis struct contains helpers for writing USD (thus reading Maya data)
oCUsdMayaXformOpClassificationDefines a named "class" of xform operation
oCUsdMayaXformStackDefines a standard list of xform operations
oCUsdModelAPIUsdModelAPI is an API schema that provides an interface to a prim's model qualities, if it does, in fact, represent the root prim of a model
oCUsdMtlxUsdTypeInfoResult of UsdMtlxGetUsdType()
oCUsdNoticeContainer class for Usd notices
oCUsdObjectBase class for Usd scenegraph objects, providing common API
oCUsdPrimUsdPrim is the sole persistent scenegraph object on a UsdStage, and is the embodiment of a "Prim" as described in the Universal Scene Description Composition Compendium
oCUsdPrimRangeAn forward-iterable range that traverses a subtree of prims rooted at a given prim in depth-first order
oCUsdPrimSiblingIteratorForward traversal iterator of sibling UsdPrim s
oCUsdPrimSiblingRangeForward iterator range of sibling UsdPrim s
oCUsdPrimSubtreeIteratorForward traversal iterator of sibling UsdPrim s
oCUsdPrimSubtreeRangeForward iterator range of sibling UsdPrim s
oCUsdPropertyBase class for UsdAttribute and UsdRelationship scenegraph objects
oCUsdReferencesUsdReferences provides an interface to authoring and introspecting references in Usd
oCUsdRelationshipA UsdRelationship creates dependencies between scenegraph objects by allowing a prim to target other prims, attributes, or relationships
oCUsdResolveInfoContainer for information about the source of an attribute's value, i.e
oCUsdRiLightAPIRiLightAPI is an API schema that provides an interface to add Renderman-specific attributes to lights
oCUsdRiLightFilterAPIRenderman-specific attributes for light filters
oCUsdRiLightPortalAPIRenderman-specific attributes for light portals
oCUsdRiMaterialAPIThis API provides outputs that connect a material prim to prman shaders and RIS objects
oCUsdRiPxrBarnLightFilterSimulated geometric barn doors that control the spread of light
oCUsdRiPxrCookieLightFilterA textured surface that filters light
oCUsdRiPxrIntMultLightFilterMultiplies the intensity of a given light
oCUsdRiPxrRampLightFilterA ramp to modulate how a light falls off with distance
oCUsdRiPxrRodLightFilterSimulates a rod or capsule-shaped region to modulate light
oCUsdRiRiLightFilterAPIRenderman-specific attributes for light filters
oCUsdRiSplineAPIRiSplineAPI is a general purpose API schema used to describe a named spline stored as a set of attributes on a prim
oCUsdRiStatementsAPIContainer namespace schema for all renderman statements
oCUsdRiTextureAPIRiTextureAPI is an API schema that provides an interface to add Renderman-specific attributes to adjust textures
oCUsdRiTokensTypeUsdRiTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdSchemaBaseThe base class for all schema types in Usd
oCUsdSchemaRegistrySingleton registry that provides access to prim and property definition information for registered Usd "IsA" schema types
oCUsdShadeConnectableAPIUsdShadeConnectableAPI is an API schema that provides a common interface for creating outputs and making connections between shading parameters and outputs
oCUsdShadeInputThis class encapsulates a shader or node-graph input, which is a connectable property representing a typed value
oCUsdShadeMaterialA Material provides a container into which multiple "render targets" can add data that defines a "shading material" for a renderer
oCUsdShadeMaterialBindingAPIUsdShadeMaterialBindingAPI is an API schema that provides an interface for binding materials to prims or collections of prims (represented by UsdCollectionAPI objects)
oCUsdShadeNodeGraphA node-graph is a container for shading nodes, as well as other node-graphs
oCUsdShadeOutputThis class encapsulates a shader or node-graph output, which is a connectable property representing a typed, externally computed value
oCUsdShadeShaderBase class for all USD shaders
oCUsdShadeShaderDefParserPluginParses shader definitions represented using USD scene description using the schemas provided by UsdShade
oCUsdShadeShaderDefUtilsThis class contains a set of utility functions used for populating the shader registry with shaders definitions specified using UsdShade schemas
oCUsdShadeTokensTypeUsdShadeTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdShadeUtilsThis class contains a set of utility functions used when authoring and querying shading networks
oCUsdSkel_AnimQueryImplInternal implementation of anim animation query
oCUsdSkel_CacheImplInternal cache implementation
oCUsdSkel_SkelDefinitionStructure storing the core definition of a Skeleton
oCUsdSkelAnimationDescribes a skel animation, where joint animation is stored in a vectorized form
oCUsdSkelAnimMapHelper class for remapping vectorized animation data from one ordering of tokens to another
oCUsdSkelAnimQueryClass providing efficient queries of primitives that provide skel animation
oCUsdSkelBindingHelper object that describes the binding of a skeleton to a set of skinnable objects
oCUsdSkelBindingAPIProvides API for authoring and extracting all the skinning-related data that lives in the "geometry hierarchy" of prims and models that want to be skeletally deformed
oCUsdSkelBlendShapeDescribes a target blend shape, possibly containing inbetween shapes
oCUsdSkelCacheThread-safe cache for accessing query objects for evaluating skeletal data
oCUsdSkelInbetweenShapeSchema wrapper for UsdAttribute for authoring and introspecting attributes that serve as inbetween shapes of a UsdSkelBlendShape
oCUsdSkelRootBoundable prim type used to identify a scope beneath which skeletally-posed primitives are defined
oCUsdSkelSkeletonDescribes a skeleton
oCUsdSkelSkeletonQueryPrimary interface to reading bound skeleton data
oCUsdSkelSkinningQueryObject used for querying resolved bindings for skinning
oCUsdSkelTokensTypeUsdSkelTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdSkelTopologyObject holding information describing skeleton topology
oCUsdSpecializesA proxy class for applying listOp edits to the specializes list for a prim
oCUsdStageThe outermost container for scene description, which owns and presents composed prims as a scenegraph, following the composition recipe recursively described in its associated "root layer"
oCUsdStageCacheA strongly concurrency safe collection of UsdStageRefPtr s, enabling sharing across multiple clients and threads
oCUsdStageCacheContextA context object that lets the UsdStage::Open() API read from or read from and write to a UsdStageCache instance during a scope of execution
oCUsdStagePopulationMaskThis class represents a mask that may be applied to a UsdStage to limit the set of UsdPrim s it populates
oCUsdTimeCodeRepresent a time value, which may be either numeric, holding a double value, or a sentinel value UsdTimeCode::Default()
oCUsdTokensTypeUsdTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdTypedThe base class for all typed schemas (those that can impart a typeName to a UsdPrim), and therefore the base class for all instantiable and "IsA" schemas
oCUsdUIBackdropProvides a 'group-box' for the purpose of node graph organization
oCUsdUINodeGraphNodeAPIThis api helps storing information about nodes in node graphs
oCUsdUISceneGraphPrimAPIUtility schema for display properties of a prim
oCUsdUITokensTypeUsdUITokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdUsdaFileFormatFile format used by textual USD files
oCUsdUsdcFileFormatFile format for binary Usd files
oCUsdUsdFileFormatFile format for USD files
oCUsdUsdzFileFormatFile format for package .usdz files
oCUsdUtilsCoalescingDiagnosticDelegateA class which collects warnings and statuses from the Tf diagnostic manager system in a thread safe manner
oCUsdUtilsCoalescingDiagnosticDelegateItemAn item used in coalesced results, containing a shared component: the file/function/line number, and a set of unshared components: the call context and commentary
oCUsdUtilsCoalescingDiagnosticDelegateSharedItemThe shared component in a coalesced result This type can be thought of as the key by which we coalesce our diagnostics
oCUsdUtilsCoalescingDiagnosticDelegateUnsharedItemThe unshared component in a coalesced result
oCUsdUtilsRegisteredVariantSetClass that holds information about variantSets that are registered with the pipeline
oCUsdUtilsSparseAttrValueWriterA utility class for authoring time-varying attribute values with simple run-length encoding, by skipping any redundant time-samples
oCUsdUtilsSparseValueWriterUtility class that manages sparse authoring of a set of UsdAttributes
oCUsdUtilsStageCacheSimple interface for handling a singleton usd stage cache for use by all USD clients
oCUsdVariantSetA UsdVariantSet represents a single VariantSet in USD (e.g
oCUsdVariantSetsUsdVariantSets represents the collection of VariantSets that are present on a UsdPrim
oCUsdviewqUtilsPerformance enhancing utilities for usdview
oCUsdVolField3DAssetField3D field primitive
oCUsdVolFieldAssetBase class for field primitives defined by an external file
oCUsdVolFieldBaseBase class for field primitives
oCUsdVolOpenVDBAssetOpenVDB field primitive
oCUsdVolTokensTypeUsdVolTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API
oCUsdVolVolumeA renderable volume primitive
oCUsdZipFileClass for reading a zip file
oCUsdZipFileWriterClass for writing a zip file
oCVtArrayRepresents an arbitrary dimensional rectangular container class
oCVtDictionaryA map with string keys and VtValue values
oCVtIntegralConstantIntegral constant base trait type
oCVtIsArrayArray concept. By default, types are not arrays
oCVtKeyValueProvides a container for a key-value pair where the key is a std::sting and the value is a VtValue
oCVtValueProvides a container which may hold any type, and provides introspection and iteration over array types
oCWorkArenaDispatcherThis is a specialization of the WorkDispatcher that uses an isolated arena to Run() all its tasks in
oCWorkDispatcherA work dispatcher runs concurrent tasks
\CWorkSingularTaskA WorkSingularTask runs a task in a WorkDispatcher, but never concurrently with itself