Procedural Techniques for Large, Dynamic Sets in Elemental

Aylwin Villanueva, Mike Ravella, Brandon Montell, Ting Zhang, Hosuk Chang


The world of Pixar's film Elemental is inhabited by characters made of fire, water, air and earth, and we needed to give these characters a home that was just as dynamic as they were. Specifically, we needed to build a city with new and distinct forms of architecture for each element, fill this city with fire, water, smoke and vegeta- tion, and add animation to make everything feel alive in the way a bustling city should. In this talk, we present our techniques for handling problems of scale, such as parameterized building generation and dressing, application of a variety of fx elements within large sets, as well as some novel approaches for automated color palette generation, both in an asset and shot context.

Paper (PDF)

SIGGRAPH Talks 2023