Wig Refitting in Pixar's Inside Out 2

Ben Porter, Jacob Speirs, Fernando de Goes


In Pixar's feature animation Inside Out 2 (2024), emotion characters are identified with their corresponding human characters by exhibiting similar wigs. To achieve this look, we developed a custom rig that assists the sharing and reuse of hair grooms between characters of different shapes, feature proportions, and mesh connectivities. Our approach starts by adopting curvenets as a light- weighted representation of scalp surfaces that eases the registration from human to emotion models by detaching the groom setup from the underlying mesh discretization. We then implemented a mix of surface-based and volumetric deformations that warp hair shells and guide curves onto the new character's scalp defined by the refit curvenet. At last, we incorporated a shaping tool for editing the wig layout controlled by additional curvenets that profile each hair shell.

Paper (PDF)

SIGGRAPH Talks 2024