Into the Voyd: Teleportation of Light Transport in Incredibles 2

Patrick Coleman, Darwyn Peachey, Tom Nettleship, Ryusuke Villemin, Tobin Jones


In Incredibles 2, a character named Voyd has the ability to create portals that connect two locations in space. A particular challenge for this film is the presence of portals in a number of fast-paced action sequences with multiple characters and objects passing through them, causing multiple views of the scene to be visible in a single shot. To enable the production of this effect while allowing production artists to focus on creative work, we've developed a system that allows for the rendering of portals while solving for light transport inside a path tracer, as well as a suite of interactive tools for creating shots and animating characters and objects as they interact with and pass through portals. In addition, we've designed an effects animation pipeline that allows for the art-directible creation of boundary elements that allow artists to clearly show the presences of visually distinctive portals in a number of fast-paced action sequences.

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