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TopologyRefinerFactoryBase Class Reference

Private base class of Factories for constructing TopologyRefiners. More...

#include <topologyRefinerFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for TopologyRefinerFactoryBase:
TopologyRefinerFactory< MESH >

Protected Types

typedef Vtr::internal::Level::ValidationCallback TopologyCallback

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool prepareComponentTopologySizing (TopologyRefiner &refiner)
static bool prepareComponentTopologyAssignment (TopologyRefiner &refiner, bool fullValidation, TopologyCallback callback, void const *callbackData)
static bool prepareComponentTagsAndSharpness (TopologyRefiner &refiner)
static bool prepareFaceVaryingChannels (TopologyRefiner &refiner)

Detailed Description

Private base class of Factories for constructing TopologyRefiners.

TopologyRefinerFactoryBase is the base class for subclasses that are intended to construct TopologyRefiners directly from meshes in their native representations. The subclasses are parameterized by the mesh type <class MESH> and are expected to inherit the details related to assembly and validation provided here that are independent of the subclass' mesh type.

Definition at line 47 of file topologyRefinerFactory.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TopologyCallback

typedef Vtr::internal::Level::ValidationCallback TopologyCallback

Definition at line 54 of file topologyRefinerFactory.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ prepareComponentTagsAndSharpness()

static bool prepareComponentTagsAndSharpness ( TopologyRefiner refiner)

◆ prepareComponentTopologyAssignment()

static bool prepareComponentTopologyAssignment ( TopologyRefiner refiner,
bool  fullValidation,
TopologyCallback  callback,
void const *  callbackData 

◆ prepareComponentTopologySizing()

static bool prepareComponentTopologySizing ( TopologyRefiner refiner)

◆ prepareFaceVaryingChannels()

static bool prepareFaceVaryingChannels ( TopologyRefiner refiner)

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