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USD_StdTraverse.h File Reference

Standard traversal algos. More...

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const GusdUSD_TraverseGetRecursiveModelTraversal ()
 Recursive model traversal, returning all nested models. More...
void Register ()
 Register core traversals. More...
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetComponentTraversal ()
 Core prim traversal. More...
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetComponentAndBoundableTraversal ()
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetAssemblyTraversal ()
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetModelTraversal ()
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetGroupTraversal ()
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetBoundableTraversal ()
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetGprimTraversal ()
const GusdUSD_TraverseGetMeshTraversal ()

Detailed Description

Standard traversal algos.

Definition in file USD_StdTraverse.h.