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changeList.h File Reference
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class  SdfChangeList
 A list of scene description modifications, organized by the namespace paths where the changes occur. More...
struct  SdfChangeList::Entry
 Entry of changes at a single path in namespace. More...


typedef std::map
< SdfLayerHandle,


SDF_API std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const SdfChangeList &)

Class Documentation

struct SdfChangeList::Entry

Entry of changes at a single path in namespace.

If the path is SdfPath::AbsoluteRootPath(), that indicates a change to the root of namespace (that is, a layer or stage).

Note: Our language for invalidation used to be more precise about items added, removed, or reordered. It might seem that this would afford more opportunities for efficient updates, but in practice it does not. Because our derived data typically must recompose or reinstantiate based on the underlying data, the particular delta might be ignored, overridden, or invalid. It is simpler to treat all changes identically, and focus on making the common base case fast, rather than have complicated differential update logic. It also vastly simplifies the language of invalidation.

Definition at line 107 of file changeList.h.

Class Members
typedef pair< VtValue, VtValue > InfoChange
typedef map< TfToken,
TfTokenFastArbitraryLessThan >
typedef pair< string,
SubLayerChangeType >
Class Members
_Flags flags
InfoChangeMap infoChanged
string oldIdentifier
SdfPath oldPath
vector< SubLayerChange > subLayerChanges