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GfQuatf Member List

This is the complete list of members for GfQuatf, including all inherited members.

GetConjugate() const GfQuatfinline
GetImaginary() const GfQuatfinline
GetInverse() const GfQuatfinline
GetLength() const GfQuatfinline
GetNormalized(float eps=GF_MIN_VECTOR_LENGTH) const GfQuatfinline
GetReal() const GfQuatfinline
GfQuatf(float realVal)GfQuatfinlineexplicit
GfQuatf(float real, float i, float j, float k)GfQuatfinline
GfQuatf(float real, const GfVec3f &imaginary)GfQuatfinline
GfQuatf(class GfQuatd const &other)GfQuatfexplicit
GfQuatf(class GfQuath const &other)GfQuatf
hash_value(const GfQuatf &q)GfQuatffriend
ImaginaryType typedef (defined in GfQuatf)GfQuatf
Normalize(float eps=GF_MIN_VECTOR_LENGTH)GfQuatf
operator!=(const GfQuatf &q) const GfQuatfinline
operator*(const GfQuatf &q1, const GfQuatf &q2)GfQuatffriend
operator*(const GfQuatf &q, float s)GfQuatffriend
operator*(float s, const GfQuatf &q)GfQuatffriend
operator*=(const GfQuatf &q)GfQuatf
operator*=(float s)GfQuatfinline
operator+(const GfQuatf &q1, const GfQuatf &q2)GfQuatffriend
operator+=(const GfQuatf &q)GfQuatfinline
operator-() const GfQuatfinline
operator-(const GfQuatf &q1, const GfQuatf &q2)GfQuatffriend
operator-=(const GfQuatf &q)GfQuatfinline
operator/(const GfQuatf &q, float s)GfQuatffriend
operator/=(float s)GfQuatfinline
operator==(const GfQuatf &q) const GfQuatfinline
ScalarType typedef (defined in GfQuatf)GfQuatf
SetImaginary(const GfVec3f &imaginary)GfQuatfinline
SetImaginary(float i, float j, float k)GfQuatfinline
SetReal(float real)GfQuatfinline