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HdStRenderPassState Class Reference

A set of rendering parameters used among render passes. More...

+ Inheritance diagram for HdStRenderPassState:

Public Member Functions

HDST_API HdStRenderPassState (HdStRenderPassShaderSharedPtr const &shader)
HDST_API void Prepare (HdResourceRegistrySharedPtr const &resourceRegistry) override
 Schedule to update renderPassState parameters. More...
HDST_API void Bind () override
 Apply the GL states. More...
HDST_API void Unbind () override
HDST_API void SetLightingShader (HdStLightingShaderSharedPtr const &lightingShader)
 Set lighting shader. More...
HdStLightingShaderSharedPtr const & GetLightingShader () const
HDST_API void SetRenderPassShader (HdStRenderPassShaderSharedPtr const &renderPassShader)
 renderpass shader More...
const & 
GetRenderPassShader () const
HDST_API void SetOverrideShader (HdStShaderCodeSharedPtr const &overrideShader)
 override shader More...
HdStShaderCodeSharedPtr const & GetOverrideShader () const
GetShaders () const
 returns shaders (lighting/renderpass) More...
HDST_API size_t GetShaderHash () const
HDST_API HgiGraphicsCmdsDesc MakeGraphicsCmdsDesc (const HdRenderIndex *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdRenderPassState
HD_API void SetOverrideColor (GfVec4f const &color)
 Set an override color for rendering where the R, G and B components are the color and the alpha component is the blend value. More...
const GfVec4fGetOverrideColor () const
HD_API void SetWireframeColor (GfVec4f const &color)
 Set a wireframe color for rendering where the R, G and B components are the color and the alpha component is the blend value. More...
const GfVec4fGetWireframeColor () const
HD_API void SetMaskColor (GfVec4f const &color)
const GfVec4fGetMaskColor () const
HD_API void SetIndicatorColor (GfVec4f const &color)
const GfVec4fGetIndicatorColor () const
HD_API void SetPointColor (GfVec4f const &color)
 Set a point color for rendering where the R, G and B components are the color and the alpha component is the blend value. More...
const GfVec4fGetPointColor () const
HD_API void SetPointSize (float size)
 Set the point size for unselected points. More...
float GetPointSize () const
HD_API void SetPointSelectedSize (float size)
 Set the point size for selected points. More...
float GetPointSelectedSize () const
HD_API void SetLightingEnabled (bool enabled)
 XXX: Hacky way of disabling lighting. More...
bool GetLightingEnabled () const
HD_API void SetCameraFramingState (GfMatrix4d const &worldToViewMatrix, GfMatrix4d const &projectionMatrix, GfVec4d const &viewport, ClipPlanesVector const &clipPlanes)
 Camera setter API Option 1: Specify matrices, viewport and clipping planes (defined in camera space) directly. More...
HD_API void SetCameraAndViewport (HdCamera const *camera, GfVec4d const &viewport)
 Option 2: Set camera handle and viewport to use. More...
HD_API GfMatrix4d const & GetWorldToViewMatrix () const
 Camera getter API. More...
HD_API GfMatrix4d GetProjectionMatrix () const
GfVec4f const & GetViewport () const
HD_API ClipPlanesVector const & GetClipPlanes () const
GfMatrix4d GetCullMatrix () const
HdCamera const * GetCamera () const
HD_API void SetAovBindings (HdRenderPassAovBindingVector const &aovBindings)
 Set the attachments for this renderpass to render into. More...
const & 
GetAovBindings () const
HD_API void SetUseAovMultiSample (bool state)
 Returns true if the render pass wants to render into the multi-sample aovs. More...
HD_API bool GetUseAovMultiSample () const
HD_API void SetCullStyle (HdCullStyle cullStyle)
HD_API HdCullStyle GetCullStyle ()
HD_API void SetAlphaThreshold (float alphaThreshold)
float GetAlphaThreshold () const
HD_API void SetTessLevel (float level)
float GetTessLevel () const
HD_API void SetDrawingRange (GfVec2f const &drawRange)
GfVec2f GetDrawingRange () const
GfVec2f GetDrawingRangeNDC () const
HD_API void SetDepthBiasUseDefault (bool useDefault)
bool GetDepthBiasUseDefault () const
HD_API void SetDepthBiasEnabled (bool enabled)
bool GetDepthBiasEnabled () const
HD_API void SetDepthBias (float constantFactor, float slopeFactor)
HD_API void SetDepthFunc (HdCompareFunction depthFunc)
HdCompareFunction GetDepthFunc () const
HD_API void SetEnableDepthMask (bool state)
HD_API bool GetEnableDepthMask ()
HD_API void SetStencil (HdCompareFunction func, int ref, int mask, HdStencilOp fail, HdStencilOp zfail, HdStencilOp zpass)
HdCompareFunction GetStencilFunc () const
int GetStencilRef () const
int GetStencilMask () const
HdStencilOp GetStencilFailOp () const
HdStencilOp GetStencilDepthFailOp () const
HdStencilOp GetStencilDepthPassOp () const
HD_API void SetStencilEnabled (bool enabled)
HD_API void SetLineWidth (float width)
float GetLineWidth () const
HD_API void SetBlend (HdBlendOp colorOp, HdBlendFactor colorSrcFactor, HdBlendFactor colorDstFactor, HdBlendOp alphaOp, HdBlendFactor alphaSrcFactor, HdBlendFactor alphaDstFactor)
HdBlendOp GetBlendColorOp ()
HdBlendFactor GetBlendColorSrcFactor ()
HdBlendFactor GetBlendColorDstFactor ()
HdBlendOp GetBlendAlphaOp ()
HdBlendFactor GetBlendAlphaSrcFactor ()
HdBlendFactor GetBlendAlphaDstFactor ()
HD_API void SetBlendConstantColor (GfVec4f const &color)
const GfVec4fGetBlendConstantColor () const
HD_API void SetBlendEnabled (bool enabled)
HD_API void SetAlphaToCoverageUseDefault (bool useDefault)
bool GetAlphaToCoverageUseDefault () const
HD_API void SetAlphaToCoverageEnabled (bool enabled)
bool GetAlphaToCoverageEnabled () const
HD_API void SetColorMaskUseDefault (bool useDefault)
bool GetColorMaskUseDefault () const
HD_API void SetColorMask (ColorMask const &mask)
ColorMask GetColorMask () const

Detailed Description

A set of rendering parameters used among render passes.

Parameters are expressed as GL states, uniforms or shaders.

Definition at line 56 of file renderPassState.h.

Member Function Documentation

HDST_API void Bind ( )

Apply the GL states.

Following states may be changed and restored to the GL default at Unbind(). glEnable(GL_POLYGON_OFFSET_FILL) glEnable(GL_SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE) glEnable(GL_PROGRAM_POINT_SIZE); glEnable(GL_STENCIL_TEST); glPolygonOffset() glDepthFunc() glStencilFunc() glStencilOp() glLineWidth()

Reimplemented from HdRenderPassState.

HDST_API HdStShaderCodeSharedPtrVector GetShaders ( ) const

returns shaders (lighting/renderpass)

HDST_API void Prepare ( HdResourceRegistrySharedPtr const &  resourceRegistry)

Schedule to update renderPassState parameters.

e.g. camera matrix, override color, id blend factor. Prepare, called once per frame after the sync phase, but prior to the commit phase.

Reimplemented from HdRenderPassState.

HDST_API void SetLightingShader ( HdStLightingShaderSharedPtr const &  lightingShader)

Set lighting shader.

HDST_API void SetOverrideShader ( HdStShaderCodeSharedPtr const &  overrideShader)

override shader

HDST_API void SetRenderPassShader ( HdStRenderPassShaderSharedPtr const &  renderPassShader)

renderpass shader

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