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TfRefPtr< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TfRefPtr< T >, including all inherited members.

DataType typedefTfRefPtr< T >
get_pointer (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >friend
hash_value (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >friend
operator UnspecifiedBoolType() const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator!() const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator!=(const TfRefPtr< U > &p) const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator*() const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator->() const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator<(const TfRefPtr< U > &p) const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator<=(const TfRefPtr< U > &p) const (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator=(const TfRefPtr< T > &p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator=(TfRefPtr< T > &&p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator=(const TfRefPtr< U > &p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator=(TfRefPtr< U > &&p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator==(const TfRefPtr< U > &p) const TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator>(const TfRefPtr< U > &p) const (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >inline
operator>=(const TfRefPtr< U > &p) const (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >inline
Reset()TfRefPtr< T >inline
swap(TfRefPtr &other)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfConst_cast(const TfRefPtr< const D > &)TfRefPtr< T >friend
TfCreateRefPtr(T *)TfRefPtr< T >friend
TfDynamic_cast(const TfRefPtr< T > &)TfRefPtr< T >friend
TfHash (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >friend
TfRefPtr()TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(TfRefPtr< T > &&p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(const TfRefPtr< T > &p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(const TfWeakPtrFacade< X, U > &p, typename boost::enable_if< boost::is_convertible< U *, T * > >::type *dummy=0)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(U *ptr, typename std::enable_if< std::is_convertible< U *, T * >::value >::type *=nullptr)TfRefPtr< T >inlineexplicit
TfRefPtr(TfNullPtrType)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(std::nullptr_t)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(const TfRefPtr< U > &p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfRefPtr(TfRefPtr< U > &&p)TfRefPtr< T >inline
TfStatic_cast(const TfRefPtr< T > &)TfRefPtr< T >friend
TfTypeid(const TfRefPtr< U > &ptr)TfRefPtr< T >friend
TfWeakBase (defined in TfRefPtr< T >)TfRefPtr< T >friend
~TfRefPtr()TfRefPtr< T >inline