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UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor Class Reference

Stores description of mesh attributes, such as name, data type, shape, time sample, interpolation, etc. More...

Public Types

enum  Status { VALID, INVALID, ABSENT }

Public Member Functions

< draco::AttributeMetadata > 
ToMetadata () const
Status GetStatus () const
draco::GeometryAttribute::Type GetAttributeType () const
const TfTokenGetName () const
draco::DataType GetDataType () const
bool GetIsPrimvar () const
size_t GetNumComponents () const
Shape GetShape () const
bool GetIsHalf () const
UsdTimeCode GetValuesTime () const
UsdTimeCode GetIndicesTime () const
const TfTokenGetInterpolation () const
bool IsGeneric () const

Static Public Member Functions

static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForPositions (const UsdGeomMesh &mesh)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForTexCoords (const UsdGeomMesh &mesh)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForNormals (const UsdGeomMesh &mesh)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForPositions (const draco::Mesh &mesh)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForTexCoords (const draco::Mesh &mesh)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForNormals (const draco::Mesh &mesh)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForHoleFaces ()
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForAddedEdges ()
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor ForPosOrder ()
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor FromDracoAttribute (const draco::PointAttribute &attribute, const draco::AttributeMetadata &metadata, bool isPrimvar)
static UsdDracoAttributeDescriptor FromUsdPrimvar (const UsdGeomPrimvar &primvar, draco::GeometryAttribute::Type attributeType)
static Shape GetDefaultShape ()
static bool GetDefaultHalf ()
static UsdTimeCode GetDefaultTime ()
static TfToken GetDefaultInterpolation ()
static TfToken GetPositionsName ()
static TfToken GetTexCoordsName ()
static TfToken GetNormalsName ()
static TfToken GetHoleFacesName ()
static TfToken GetAddedEdgesName ()
static TfToken GetPointOrderName ()

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string METADATA_NAME_KEY
static const std::string METADATA_SHAPE_KEY
static const std::string METADATA_HALF_KEY
static const std::string METADATA_VALUES_TIME_KEY
static const std::string METADATA_INDICES_TIME_KEY
static const std::string METADATA_INTERPOLATION_KEY

Detailed Description

Stores description of mesh attributes, such as name, data type, shape, time sample, interpolation, etc.

Provides methods for reading/writing such attribute descriptions from/to USD mesh attributes, primvars, and Draco metadata.

Definition at line 49 of file attributeDescriptor.h.

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