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UsdImagingValueCache Class Reference

A heterogeneous value container without type erasure. More...

Public Member Functions

 UsdImagingValueCache (const UsdImagingValueCache &)=delete
UsdImagingValueCacheoperator= (const UsdImagingValueCache &)=delete
void EnableMutation ()
void DisableMutation ()
void Clear (SdfPath const &path)
 Clear all data associated with a specific path. More...
VtValueGetColor (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetOpacity (SdfPath const &path) const
bool & GetDoubleSided (SdfPath const &path) const
HdCullStyle & GetCullStyle (SdfPath const &path) const
GfRange3dGetExtent (SdfPath const &path) const
GfMatrix4dGetInstancerTransform (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetInstanceIndices (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetPoints (SdfPath const &path) const
TfTokenGetPurpose (SdfPath const &path) const
HdPrimvarDescriptorVector & GetPrimvars (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetTopology (SdfPath const &path) const
GfMatrix4dGetTransform (SdfPath const &path) const
bool & GetVisible (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetWidths (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetNormals (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetPrimvar (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name) const
SdfPathGetMaterialId (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetMaterialResource (SdfPath const &path) const
TfTokenVectorGetExtComputationSceneInputNames (SdfPath const &path) const
HdExtComputationInputDescriptorVector & GetExtComputationInputs (SdfPath const &path) const
HdExtComputationOutputDescriptorVector & GetExtComputationOutputs (SdfPath const &path) const
HdExtComputationPrimvarDescriptorVector & GetExtComputationPrimvars (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetExtComputationInput (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name) const
std::string & GetExtComputationKernel (SdfPath const &path) const
VtValueGetCameraParam (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name) const
TfTokenVectorGetCameraParamNames (SdfPath const &path) const
bool FindPrimvar (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name, VtValue *value) const
bool FindColor (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindOpacity (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindDoubleSided (SdfPath const &path, bool *value) const
bool FindCullStyle (SdfPath const &path, HdCullStyle *value) const
bool FindExtent (SdfPath const &path, GfRange3d *value) const
bool FindInstancerTransform (SdfPath const &path, GfMatrix4d *value) const
bool FindInstanceIndices (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindPoints (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindPurpose (SdfPath const &path, TfToken *value) const
bool FindPrimvars (SdfPath const &path, HdPrimvarDescriptorVector *value) const
bool FindTopology (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindTransform (SdfPath const &path, GfMatrix4d *value) const
bool FindVisible (SdfPath const &path, bool *value) const
bool FindWidths (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindNormals (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindMaterialId (SdfPath const &path, SdfPath *value) const
bool FindMaterialResource (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value) const
bool FindExtComputationSceneInputNames (SdfPath const &path, TfTokenVector *value) const
bool FindExtComputationInputs (SdfPath const &path, HdExtComputationInputDescriptorVector *value) const
bool FindExtComputationOutputs (SdfPath const &path, HdExtComputationOutputDescriptorVector *value) const
bool FindExtComputationPrimvars (SdfPath const &path, HdExtComputationPrimvarDescriptorVector *value) const
bool FindExtComputationInput (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name, VtValue *value) const
bool FindExtComputationKernel (SdfPath const &path, std::string *value) const
bool FindCameraParam (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name, VtValue *value) const
bool FindCameraParamNames (SdfPath const &path, TfTokenVector *value) const
bool ExtractColor (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractOpacity (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractDoubleSided (SdfPath const &path, bool *value)
bool ExtractCullStyle (SdfPath const &path, HdCullStyle *value)
bool ExtractExtent (SdfPath const &path, GfRange3d *value)
bool ExtractInstancerTransform (SdfPath const &path, GfMatrix4d *value)
bool ExtractInstanceIndices (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractPoints (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractPurpose (SdfPath const &path, TfToken *value)
bool ExtractPrimvars (SdfPath const &path, HdPrimvarDescriptorVector *value)
bool ExtractTopology (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractTransform (SdfPath const &path, GfMatrix4d *value)
bool ExtractVisible (SdfPath const &path, bool *value)
bool ExtractWidths (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractNormals (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractMaterialId (SdfPath const &path, SdfPath *value)
bool ExtractMaterialResource (SdfPath const &path, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractPrimvar (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractExtComputationSceneInputNames (SdfPath const &path, TfTokenVector *value)
bool ExtractExtComputationInputs (SdfPath const &path, HdExtComputationInputDescriptorVector *value)
bool ExtractExtComputationOutputs (SdfPath const &path, HdExtComputationOutputDescriptorVector *value)
bool ExtractExtComputationPrimvars (SdfPath const &path, HdExtComputationPrimvarDescriptorVector *value)
bool ExtractExtComputationInput (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name, VtValue *value)
bool ExtractExtComputationKernel (SdfPath const &path, std::string *value)
bool ExtractCameraParam (SdfPath const &path, TfToken const &name, VtValue *value)
void GarbageCollect ()
 Remove any items from the cache that are marked for defered deletion. More...

Detailed Description

A heterogeneous value container without type erasure.

Definition at line 56 of file valueCache.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Clear ( SdfPath const &  path)

Clear all data associated with a specific path.

Definition at line 300 of file valueCache.h.

void GarbageCollect ( )

Remove any items from the cache that are marked for defered deletion.

Definition at line 633 of file valueCache.h.

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