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diagnosticLite.h File Reference

Stripped down version of diagnostic.h that doesn't define std::string. More...

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enum  TfDiagnosticType : int {
 Enum describing various diagnostic conditions. More...

Detailed Description

Stripped down version of diagnostic.h that doesn't define std::string.

This file provides the same functionality as diagnostic.h, except that all strings must be passed as plain const char*, and not by std::string, and the macro TF_FUNCTION_NAME() is only defined by diagnostic.h

In particular, this header file does not include the C++ header file < string >, making inclusion of this file a very light-weight addition. Include this file, as opposed to pxr/base/tf/diagnostic.h in header files that need to remain as light-weight as possible.

These macros are safe to use in multiple threads, but errors will be converted to warnings because our error handling mechanisms are not thread safe.

Definition in file diagnosticLite.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum TfDiagnosticType : int

Enum describing various diagnostic conditions.

Definition at line 57 of file diagnosticLite.h.