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HdxRenderTaskParams Class Reference

RenderTask parameters (renderpass state). More...

Public Attributes

GfVec4f overrideColor
GfVec4f wireframeColor
GfVec4f maskColor
GfVec4f indicatorColor
GfVec4f pointColor
float pointSize
float pointSelectedSize
bool enableLighting
bool enableIdRender
float alphaThreshold
bool enableSceneMaterials
bool depthBiasUseDefault
bool depthBiasEnable
float depthBiasConstantFactor
float depthBiasSlopeFactor
HdCompareFunction depthFunc
bool depthMaskEnable
HdCompareFunction stencilFunc
int stencilRef
int stencilMask
HdStencilOp stencilFailOp
HdStencilOp stencilZFailOp
HdStencilOp stencilZPassOp
bool stencilEnable
HdBlendOp blendColorOp
HdBlendFactor blendColorSrcFactor
HdBlendFactor blendColorDstFactor
HdBlendOp blendAlphaOp
HdBlendFactor blendAlphaSrcFactor
HdBlendFactor blendAlphaDstFactor
GfVec4f blendConstantColor
bool blendEnable
bool enableAlphaToCoverage
HdCullStyle cullStyle
HdRenderPassAovBindingVector aovBindings
SdfPath camera
GfVec4d viewport

Detailed Description

RenderTask parameters (renderpass state).

Definition at line 129 of file renderSetupTask.h.

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