HdPrmanCamera Class Referencefinal

A representation for cameras that pulls on camera parameters used by Riley cameras. More...

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Public Member Functions

HDPRMAN_API HdPrmanCamera (SdfPath const &id)
HDPRMAN_API void Sync (HdSceneDelegate *sceneDelegate, HdRenderParam *renderParam, HdDirtyBits *dirtyBits) override
 Synchronizes state from the delegate to this object. More...
HDPRMAN_API HdTimeSampleArray< GfMatrix4d, HDPRMAN_MAX_TIME_SAMPLES > const & GetTimeSampleXforms () const
 Returns the time sampled xforms that were queried during Sync. More...
float GetLensDistortionK1 () const
float GetLensDistortionK2 () const
const GfVec2fGetLensDistortionCenter () const
float GetLensDistortionAnaSq () const
const GfVec2fGetLensDistortionAsym () const
float GetLensDistortionScale () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdCamera
HD_API HdCamera (SdfPath const &id)
HD_API HdDirtyBits GetInitialDirtyBitsMask () const override
 Returns the minimal set of dirty bits to place in the change tracker for use in the first sync of this prim. More...
GfMatrix4d const & GetTransform () const
 Camera parameters accessor API. More...
Projection GetProjection () const
 Returns whether camera is orthographic and perspective. More...
float GetHorizontalAperture () const
 Returns horizontal aperture in world units. More...
float GetVerticalAperture () const
 Returns vertical aperture in world units. More...
float GetHorizontalApertureOffset () const
 Returns horizontal aperture offset in world units. More...
float GetVerticalApertureOffset () const
 Returns vertical aperture offset in world units. More...
float GetFocalLength () const
 Returns focal length in world units. More...
GfRange1f const & GetClippingRange () const
 Returns near and far plane in world units. More...
std::vector< GfVec4d > const & GetClipPlanes () const
 Returns any additional clipping planes defined in camera space. More...
float GetFStop () const
 Returns fstop of camera. More...
float GetFocusDistance () const
 Returns focus distance in world units. More...
double GetShutterOpen () const
double GetShutterClose () const
float GetExposure () const
CameraUtilConformWindowPolicy const & GetWindowPolicy () const
 Returns the window policy of the camera. More...
HD_API GfMatrix4d ComputeProjectionMatrix () const
 Convenience API for rasterizers. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdSprim
HD_API HdSprim (SdfPath const &id)
SdfPath const & GetId () const
 Returns the identifier by which this state is known. More...
virtual HD_API void Finalize (HdRenderParam *renderParam)
 Finalizes object resources. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from HdCamera
enum  DirtyBits : HdDirtyBits {
  Clean = 0, DirtyTransform = 1 << 0, DirtyParams = 1 << 1, DirtyClipPlanes = 1 << 2,
  DirtyWindowPolicy = 1 << 3, AllDirty
enum  Projection { Perspective = 0, Orthographic }
using ClipPlanesVector = std::vector< GfVec4d >
- Protected Attributes inherited from HdCamera
GfMatrix4d _transform
Projection _projection
float _horizontalAperture
float _verticalAperture
float _horizontalApertureOffset
float _verticalApertureOffset
float _focalLength
GfRange1f _clippingRange
std::vector< GfVec4d_clipPlanes
float _fStop
float _focusDistance
double _shutterOpen
double _shutterClose
float _exposure
CameraUtilConformWindowPolicy _windowPolicy

Detailed Description

A representation for cameras that pulls on camera parameters used by Riley cameras.

Note: We do not create a Riley camera per HdCamera because in PRman 22, it'd require a render target to be created and bound (per camera), which would be prohibitively expensive in Prman 22.

Definition at line 45 of file camera.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTimeSampleXforms()

HDPRMAN_API HdTimeSampleArray<GfMatrix4d, HDPRMAN_MAX_TIME_SAMPLES> const& GetTimeSampleXforms ( ) const

Returns the time sampled xforms that were queried during Sync.

Definition at line 63 of file camera.h.

◆ Sync()

HDPRMAN_API void Sync ( HdSceneDelegate sceneDelegate,
HdRenderParam renderParam,
HdDirtyBits *  dirtyBits 

Synchronizes state from the delegate to this object.

Reimplemented from HdCamera.

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