PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr Class Reference

A "string"-based version of PcpLayerStackIdentifier. More...

Inherits totally_ordered< PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr >.

Public Types

typedef PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr This

Public Member Functions

PCP_API PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr (std::string const &rootLayerId=std::string(), std::string const &sessionLayerId=std::string(), ArResolverContext const &resolverContext=ArResolverContext())
 Construct with given identifier strings and context. More...
PCP_API PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr (PcpLayerStackIdentifier const &lsid)
 Allow implicit conversion from PcpLayerStackIdentifier. More...
PCP_API operator UnspecifiedBoolType () const
PCP_API bool operator== (const This &rhs) const
PCP_API bool operator< (const This &rhs) const
size_t GetHash () const

Public Attributes

std::string rootLayerId
 The root layer. More...
std::string sessionLayerId
 The session layer (optional). More...
ArResolverContext pathResolverContext
 The path resolver context used for resolving asset paths. (optional) More...

Detailed Description

A "string"-based version of PcpLayerStackIdentifier.

These are used in places where they should be stable wrt layer lifetimes. This is done by storing layer identifiers as strings rather than SdfLayerHandles.

Definition at line 119 of file layerStackIdentifier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr() [1/2]

PCP_API PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr ( std::string const &  rootLayerId = std::string(),
std::string const &  sessionLayerId = std::string(),
ArResolverContext const &  resolverContext = ArResolverContext() 

Construct with given identifier strings and context.

If all arguments are empty strings and default-constructed ArResolverContext, then the result is identical to the default constructed object.

◆ PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr() [2/2]

Allow implicit conversion from PcpLayerStackIdentifier.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pathResolverContext

ArResolverContext pathResolverContext

The path resolver context used for resolving asset paths. (optional)

Definition at line 170 of file layerStackIdentifier.h.

◆ rootLayerId

std::string rootLayerId

The root layer.

Definition at line 164 of file layerStackIdentifier.h.

◆ sessionLayerId

std::string sessionLayerId

The session layer (optional).

Definition at line 167 of file layerStackIdentifier.h.

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