PcpSiteStr Class Reference

A "string-based" version of PcpSite. More...

Inherits totally_ordered< PcpSiteStr >.

Public Member Functions

PCP_API PcpSiteStr (const PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr &, const SdfPath &path)
PCP_API PcpSiteStr (const PcpLayerStackIdentifier &, const SdfPath &path)
PCP_API PcpSiteStr (const SdfLayerHandle &, const SdfPath &path)
PCP_API PcpSiteStr (PcpLayerStackSite const &)
PCP_API PcpSiteStr (PcpSite const &)
PCP_API bool operator== (const PcpSiteStr &rhs) const
PCP_API bool operator< (const PcpSiteStr &rhs) const

Public Attributes

PcpLayerStackIdentifierStr layerStackIdentifierStr
SdfPath path

Detailed Description

A "string-based" version of PcpSite.

This stores layer identifiers as strings rather than SdfLayerHandles, making it stable wrt layer lifetimes.

Definition at line 81 of file site.h.

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