Gf : Graphics Foundations


Contains foundation classes and functions for working with the basic mathematical aspects of graphics.

The high-level grouping of the classes and functions is as follows:

  • Linear Algebra - Includes classes representing basic types, including vectors of varying numbers and types (such as vectors of two, three, and four float components), two and three-dimensional arrays of sizes, and compound linear transformations.
  • Basic Mathematical Operations - Includes classes and functions for performing operations such as converting between radians and degrees, calculating square roots, minimum and maximum values, absolute values, and so on.
  • Basic Geometry -

    Includes classes that represent basic types such as one to three-dimensional floating point ranges, three-dimensional bounding boxes, planes, rays, frusta, and a camera model.

  • Output For Debugging - Includes functions for quickly outputting Gf types (these are particularly useful for diagnostic purposes).