Here is a list of all modules:
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 BitsFunctions having to do with how bits are laid out on a machine
 MultithreadingFunctions having to do with multithreading
 MathFunctions for math
 StringsFunctions having to do with string massaging/manipulation
 System FunctionsFunctions that encapsulate differing low-level system calls
 Memory ManagementFunctions having to do with memory allocation/handling
 DiagnosticsFunctions having to do with error reporting/handling
 Symbol VisibilityMacros having to do with symbol visibility
 Linear Algebra
 Basic Mathematical Operations
 Basic Geometry
 Output For Debugging
 Gamma Mapping Operations
 Notification SystemSee The TfNotice Notification System for a detailed description
 TfError Error-posting FacilitySee The TfError Error Posting System for a detailed description
 Diagnostic FacilitiesSee Guide To Diagnostic Facilities for a discussion of diagnostic techniques
 Initialization FacilitiesFunctions to control initialization of resources
 Memory Tagging SystemSee The TfMallocTag Memory Tagging System for a discussion of memory tagging
 Object CreationClasses for controlling creation of objects
 Memory ManagementClasses for memory management
 Runtime TypingClasses having to do with run-time typing
 Basic Mathematical OperationsFunctions for basic mathematical operations
 Output for Debugging PurposesFunctions/classes that generate output solely as a debugging aid
 Path UtilitiesFunctions/classes for pathname manipulation
 C++ STL UtilitiesHelper functions/classes for STL
 Preprocessor UtilitiesPreprocessor macros
 String UtilitiesFunctions/classes for string manipulation
 File UtilitiesFunctions/classes for file handling
 Performance MeasurementsFunctions/classes for measuring performance
 Systems Extensions and EnhancementsFunctions/classes for extending/enhancing standard OS functionality
 Container classesClasses that hold objects
 UI SupportClasses/functions for package-independent UI concepts
 Compiler AidsClasses/functions that help getting code compiled cleanly
 Internals Non-exported FunctionalityFunctions/classes for libtf internal use only
 STL-like API
 VtDictionary FunctionsFunctions for manipulating VtDictionary objects
 Encoding Stage UpAxisEven if all UsdGeomCamera objects in a scene are encoded with a transformation that assumes the Y axis is up, that cannot always imply that the geometry contained in the scene was modeled with the Y axis pointing up, since some modeling applications assume Z is up, and others allow you to configure whether Y or Z is up
 Encoding Stage Linear UnitsAs with Encoding Stage UpAxis, we restrict the encoding of linear units to be stage-wide; if assembling assets of different metrics, it is the assembler's responsibility to apply suitable correctives to the referenced data to bring it into the referencing stage's metric
 Joint Transform UtilitiesUtilities for working with vectorized joint transforms
 Transform Composition UtilsUtiltiies for converting transforms to and from component (translate, rotate, scale) form
 Joint Influence UtilsCollection of methods for working joint influences, as stored through UsdSkelBindingAPI
 Skinning ImplementationsReference skinning implementations for skinning points and transforms
 Bone UtilitiesUtilities for constructing bone meshes