HdxPickTaskContextParams Struct Reference

Pick task context params. More...

Public Types

using DepthMaskCallback = std::function< void(void)>

Public Attributes

GfVec2i resolution
TfToken pickTarget
TfToken resolveMode
bool doUnpickablesOcclude
GfMatrix4d viewMatrix
GfMatrix4d projectionMatrix
std::vector< GfVec4dclipPlanes
DepthMaskCallback depthMaskCallback
HdRprimCollection collection
HdxPickHitVector * outHits

Detailed Description

Pick task context params.

This contains task params that can't come from the scene delegate (like resolution mode and pick location, that might be resolved late), as well as the picking collection and the output hit vector. 'pickTarget': The target of the pick operation, which may influence the data filled in the HdxPickHit(s). The available options are: HdxPickTokens->pickPrimsAndInstances HdxPickTokens->pickFaces HdxPickTokens->pickEdges HdxPickTokens->pickPoints

'resolveMode': Dictates the resolution of which hit(s) are returned in 'outHits'. The available options are:

  1. HdxPickTokens->resolveNearestToCamera : Returns the hit whose position is nearest to the camera
  2. HdxPickTokens->resolveNearestToCenter : Returns the hit whose position is nearest to center of the pick location/region.
  3. HdxPickTokens->resolveUnique : Returns the unique hits, by hashing the relevant member fields of HdxPickHit. The 'pickTarget' influences this operation. For e.g., the subprim indices are ignored when the pickTarget is pickPrimsAndInstances.
  4. HdxPickTokens->resolveAll: Returns all the hits for the pick location or region. The number of hits returned depends on the resolution used and may have duplicates.

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