UsdUtils: USD Utilities


UsdUtils contains utility classes and functions for managing, inspecting, editing and creating USD assets. The high-level grouping of classes and functions is as follows:

  • Authoring provides functionality for copying metadata between layers.
  • Coalescing diagnostic delegate" provides a utility to aggregate warnings and statuses emitted from Tf's diagnostic mananegement system.
  • Conditionally abort diagnostic delegate" provides a utility that can be used to abort operations for a non fatal USD error or warning emitted from Tf's diagnostic management system by operating on inclusion/exclusion rules defined for this delegate.
  • Stitching provides functionality for merging layers together as well as

generating value clips from sets of layers (see stitchClips).


  • Introspection provides functionality for understanding various charactersitics of a UsdStage including memory usage, prim counts, prototype counts and more.
  • Pipeline provides utilities for establishing pipeline conventions.