Elemental Characters: Making Characters Out of Thin Air

Markus Kranzler, Krzysztof Rost, Ravindra Dwivedi, Athena Xenakis, Andrew Pettit


Pixar's upcoming feature film Elemental required many new technical solutions due to its ambitious visual language and storytelling. The film's characters, made of different elements - fire, water, air, and earth, required a unique approach in finding answers. For our main Air characters we had to come up with a solution to combine two methods, a procedural volume generation and stylized simulated volume model. In addition we had to find a solution for secondary Air Characters, to utilize where there was an overlap in developed techniques and where we had to diverge. In addition we also had to resolve what type of data we had to create to allow shading to have full control over the look of the character.

Paper (PDF)

SIGGRAPH Talks 2023