Subspace Condensation: Full Space Adaptivity for Subspace Deformations

Yun Teng, Mark Meyer, Tony DeRose, Theodore Kim


Subspace deformable body simulations can be very fast, but can behave unrealistically when behaviors outside the prescribed subspace, such as novel external collisions, are encountered. We address this limitation by presenting a fast, flexible new method that allows full space computation to be activated in the neighborhood of novel events while the rest of the body still computes in a subspace. We achieve this using a method we call subspace condensation, a variant on the classic static condensation precomputation. However, instead of a precomputation, we use the speed of subspace methods to perform the condensation at every frame. This approach allows the full space regions to be specified arbitrarily at runtime, and forms a natural two-way coupling with the subspace regions. While condensation is usually only applicable to linear materials, the speed of our technique enables its application to nonlinear materials as well. We show the effectiveness of our approach by applying it to a variety of articulated character scenarios.

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To appear in SIGGRAPH 2015.

Available as Pixar Technical Memo #15-03