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 CTopologyRefiner::AdaptiveOptionsAdaptive refinement options
 CBufferDescriptorBufferDescriptor is a struct which describes buffer elements in interleaved data buffers. Almost all Osd Evaluator APIs take BufferDescriptors along with device-specific buffer objects
 CCLStencilTableOpenCL stencil table
 CCLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for OpenCL subdivision
 CConstArray< TYPE >
 CCpuD3D11VertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for Cpu subdivision and DirectX drawing
 CCpuGLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for cpu subdivision and OpenGL drawing
 CCpuPatchTableCpu patch table
 CCpuVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for CPU subdivision
 CCreaseTypes, constants and utilities related to semi-sharp creasing – whose implementation is independent of the subdivision scheme
 CCudaStencilTableCUDA stencil table
 CCudaVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for Cuda subdivision
 CD3D11StencilTableD3D11 stencil table
 CD3D11VertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for DirectX subdivision and DirectX drawing
 CEvaluatorCacheT< EVALUATOR >::Entry
 CEvaluatorCacheT< EVALUATOR >
 CGLSLPatchShaderSourceProvides shader source which can be used by client code
 CGLStencilTableSSBOGL stencil table (Shader Storage buffer)
 CGLStencilTableTBOGL TextureBuffer stencil table
 CGLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for GLSL subdivision and OpenGL drawing
 CHLSLPatchShaderSourceProvides shader source which can be used by client code
 CLimitsSimple struct with limits related to topology
 CLimitStencilTableFactoryReal< REAL >A specialized factory for LimitStencilTable
 CLimitStencilTableFactoryReal< float >
 CScheme< SCHEME_TYPE >::LocalMask< WEIGHT >
 CLimitStencilTableFactoryReal< REAL >::LocationArrayDescriptor for limit surface locations
 CMeshInterface< PATCH_TABLE >
 CMTLPatchShaderSourceProvides shader source which can be used by client code
 CSurfaceFactory::OptionsSimple set of options assigned to instances of SurfaceFactory
 CTessellation::OptionsOptions configure a Tessellation to specify the nature of both its results and the structure of the coordinate and facet index arrays that its methods will populate
 CLimitStencilTableFactoryReal< REAL >::Options
 CPatchTableFactory::OptionsPublic options for the PatchTable factory
 CStencilTableFactoryReal< REAL >::Options
 CTopologyRefinerFactory< MESH >::OptionsOptions related to the construction of each TopologyRefiner
 COptionsAll supported options applying to subdivision scheme
 CParameterizationSimple class defining the 2D parameterization of a face
 CPatchCoordCoordinates set on a patch table
 CPatchDescriptorDescribes the type of a patch
 CPatchTableFactory::PatchFaceTagObsolete internal struct not intended for public use – due to be deprecated
 CPatchTable::PatchHandleHandle that can be used as unique patch identifier within PatchTable
 CPatchMapAn quadtree-based map connecting coarse faces to their sub-patches
 CPatchParamPatch parameterization
 CPatchTableContainer for arrays of parametric patches
 CPatchTableFactoryFactory for constructing a PatchTable from a TopologyRefiner
 CSurface< REAL >::PointDescriptorSimple struct defining the size and stride of points in arrays
 CPrimvarRefinerReal< REAL >Applies refinement operations to generic primvar data
 CPrimvarRefinerReal< float >
 CPtexIndicesObject used to compute and query ptex face indices
 CScheme< SCHEME_TYPE >Scheme is a class template which provides all implementation for the subdivision schemes supported by OpenSubdiv through specializations of the methods of each. An instance of Scheme<SCHEME_TYPE> includes a set of Options that will dictate the variable aspects of its behavior.
 CSchemeTypeTraitsTraits associated with the types of all subdivision schemes – parameterized by the scheme type. All traits are also defined in the scheme itself
 CStencilReal< REAL >Vertex stencil descriptor
 CStencilReal< float >
 CStencilTableFactoryReal< REAL >A specialized factory for StencilTable
 CStencilTableFactoryReal< float >
 CStencilTableReal< REAL >Table of subdivision stencils
 CStencilTableReal< float >
 CSurface< REAL >Encapsulates the limit surface for a face of a mesh
 CSurfaceFactoryCacheContainer used internally by SurfaceFactory to store reusable information
 CSurfaceFactoryMeshAdapterAbstract interface adapting SurfaceFactory to a connected mesh representation
 CTessellationEncapsulates a specific tessellation pattern of a Parameterization
 CTopologyDescriptorA simple reference to raw topology data for use with TopologyRefinerFactory
 CTopologyLevelAn interface for accessing data in a specific level of a refined topology hierarchy
 CTopologyRefinerStores topology data for a specified set of refinement options
 CTopologyRefinerFactoryBasePrivate base class of Factories for constructing TopologyRefiners
 CTopologyRefiner::UniformOptionsUniform refinement options
 CVertexDescriptorSimple class used by subclasses of SurfaceFactory to describe a vertex