Full Time
Research Scientist or Resident

The position of Research Scientist performs world-class research for the development of advanced computer graphics techniques for use in the production of Pixar’s films and across the The Walt Disney Company. Research Scientists collaborate directly with artists to push the boundaries of creative expression.

Research Residents will assist in research projects examining how innovative technology can be used to create more efficient workflows and creativity in our movie making process. These projects will have access to unique datasets and problems ranging from animation to geometry processing.

Research Intern

Pixar’s Research Department is hiring interns for our Emeryville, CA, studio where you will assist in the creation, implementation and transfer of new technology to push the state of the art in computer graphics and extend the creative reach of our films. Our research interns are asked to either work on a solution for an unsolved problem or to implement an existing paper or technique that we’ve already developed with a focus on assisting artists in creating animated films.

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