Papers by Vaibhav Vavilala

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Light Pruning on Toy Story 4

Vaibhav Vavilala
July 2019

Pixar films have recently seen drastically rising light counts via procedural generation, resulting in longer render times and slower interactive workflows. Here we present a fully automated, scalable, and error-free light pruning pipeline deployed on Toy Story 4 that reduces final render times by 15-50% in challenging cases, accelerates interactive ... more

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Deep Learned Super Resolution for Feature Film Production

Vaibhav Vavilala, Mark Meyer
June 2020

Upscaling techniques are commonly used to create high resolution images, which are cost-prohibitive or even impossible to produce otherwise. In recent years, deep learning methods have improved the detail and sharpness of upscaled images over traditional algorithms. Here we discuss the motivation and challenges of bringing deep learned super resolution ... more

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