Index of Pixar Technical Memos

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06-01Interactive Depth of Field
06-02Harmonic Coordinates
06-02bHarmonic Coordinates for Character Articulation
06-03Statistical Acceleration for Animated Global Illumination
06-04Point Multiplication and Soft Caching: An Approach for Accelerating Calculations in Graphics
06-04bKey Point Subspace Acceleration and Soft Caching
06-05Stochastic Pruning
06-05aStochastic Simplification of Aggregate Detail
06-06Interactive Spacetime Constraints: Wiggly Splines
06-06aAnimating Oscillatory Motion With Overlap: Wiggly Splines
06-08Volumetric Methods for Simulation and Rendering of Hair
07-02Rivers of Rodents: An Animation-Centric Crowds Pipeline for Ratatouille
07-03Simulating Whitewater Rapids in Ratatouille
07-04Fast, Soft Reflections Using Radiance Caches
07-05Extracting and Parametrizing Temporally Coherent Surfaces from Particles
07-06An Effects Recipe for Rolling Dough, Cracking Eggs and Pouring Sauce
07-07Virtual Tailoring for Ratatouille: Clothing the Fattest Man in the World
07-08Effective Toon-Style Rendering Control Using Scalar Fields
07-09500 Million and Counting: Hair Rendering on Ratatouille
07-10Acting with Contact in Ratatouille - Cartoon Collision and Response
07-12Articulating the Appeal
07-13Chop It Up! Animation-Driven Modeling, Simulation, and Shading in the Kitchen
07-14Rat-Sized Water Effects in Ratatouille
07-163D Paint Baking Proposal
08-01Point-Based Approximate Color Bleeding
10-02Smoothed Local Histogram Filters
11-04Eden: A Professional Multitouch Tool for Constructing Virtual Organic Environments
11-07Importance Sampling of Reflections from Hair Fibers
12-01Tone Mapping High Dynamic Range Videos using Wavelets
12-02Proton: Multitouch Gestures as Regular Expressions
12-03aArtistic Simulation of Curly Hair
12-03bArtistic Simulation of Curly Hair
12-06Multiresolution Radiosity Caching for Efficient Preview and Final Quality Global Illumination in Movies
12-08Porting RSL to C++
12-11Texture mapping for the Better Dipole model
13-01Correlated Multi-Jittered Sampling
13-02Multiple Importance Sampling for Emissive Effects
13-03Stylizing Animation By Example
13-04Mass Preserving Multi-Scale SPH
13-05Large Scale Geometric Visibility Culling on Brave
14-01A statistical framework for comparing importance sampling methods, and an application to rectangular lights
14-03Subspace Clothing Simulation using Adaptive Bases
14-04Geometry into Shading
15-01Vorticle Fluid Simulation
15-02A Data-Driven Light Scattering Model for Hair
15-03Subspace Condensation: Full Space Adaptivity for Subspace Deformations
15-04Approximate Reflectance Profiles for Efficient Subsurface Scattering
16-01Subdivision Exterior Calculus for Geometry Processing
16-05Importance Resampling for BSSRDF
17-03Regularized Kelvinlets: Sculpting Brushes based on Fundamental Solutions of Elasticity
17-07Path Traced Subsurface Scattering using Anisotropic Phase Functions and Non-Exponential Free Flights
18-01Caustic Connection Strategies for Bidirectional Path Tracing
18-02Progressive Sampling Strategies for Disk Light Sources
18-05Dynamic Kelvinlets: Secondary Motions based on Fundamental Solutions of Elastodynamics
19-01Art-Directed Surface Tearing Simulation
19-02Reduced Boundary Viscosity for Smoke
20-01Product Importance Sampling of the Volume Rendering Equation using Virtual Density Segments