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SdfSpec Member List

This is the complete list of members for SdfSpec, including all inherited members.

_DeleteSpec(const SdfPath &path) (defined in SdfSpec)SdfSpecprotected
_MoveSpec(const SdfPath &oldPath, const SdfPath &newPath) const (defined in SdfSpec)SdfSpecprotected
ClearField(const TfToken &name)SdfSpec
ClearInfo(const TfToken &key)SdfSpec
GetFallbackForInfo(const TfToken &key) const SdfSpec
GetField(const TfToken &name) const SdfSpec
GetFieldAs(const TfToken &name, const T &defaultValue=T()) const SdfSpecinline
GetInfo(const TfToken &key) const SdfSpec
GetLayer() const SdfSpec
GetMetaDataDisplayGroup(TfToken const &key) const SdfSpec
GetMetaDataInfoKeys() const SdfSpec
GetPath() const SdfSpec
GetSchema() const SdfSpec
GetSpecType() const SdfSpec
GetTypeForInfo(const TfToken &key) const SdfSpec
HasField(const TfToken &name) const SdfSpec
HasField(const TfToken &name, T *value) const SdfSpecinline
hash_value(const SdfSpec &x)SdfSpecfriend
HasInfo(const TfToken &key) const SdfSpec
IsDormant() const SdfSpec
IsInert(bool ignoreChildren=false) const SdfSpec
ListFields() const SdfSpec
ListInfoKeys() const SdfSpec
operator<(const SdfSpec &rhs) const (defined in SdfSpec)SdfSpec
operator=(const SdfSpec &other) (defined in SdfSpec)SdfSpec
operator==(const SdfSpec &rhs) const (defined in SdfSpec)SdfSpec
PermissionToEdit() const SdfSpec
SetField(const TfToken &name, const VtValue &value)SdfSpec
SetField(const TfToken &name, const T &value)SdfSpecinline
SetInfo(const TfToken &key, const VtValue &value)SdfSpec
SetInfoDictionaryValue(const TfToken &dictionaryKey, const TfToken &entryKey, const VtValue &value)SdfSpec
WriteToStream(std::ostream &, size_t indent=0) const SdfSpec
~SdfSpec() (defined in SdfSpec)SdfSpec