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oOverview and Purpose
oArch: Architecture Dependent
oGf : Graphics Foundations
oPlug: Plugin Framework
oTf: Tools Foundations
|oThe TfNotice Notification System
|oThe TfError Error Posting System
|oGuide To Diagnostic Facilities
|oThe TfRegistryManager Registry Initialization System
|\The TfMallocTag Memory Tagging System
oLZ4 - Extremely fast compression
oTrace: Performance tracking
|\Trace Details
oVt : Value Types
oWork : Multi-threaded Dispatch
oAr: Asset Resolution
oKind : Extensible Categorization
oNdr : Node Definition Registry
oPcp : PrimCache Population (Composition)
oSdf : Scene Description Foundations
oSdr : Shader Definition Registry
oUsd : Universal Scene Description (Core)
|oObject Model and How the Classes Work Together
|oBasic Datatypes for Scene Description Provided by Sdf
|oImportant Properties of Scene Description
|oAdvanced Scenegraph Scalability Features
||oDynamic File Formats
||oScenegraph Instancing
||\Sequencable, Re-timable Animated "Value Clips"
|oAuthoring and Editing Scene Description
|oCommon Idioms and Examples
|oBest Practices and Common Questions
|oThreading Model and Performance Considerations
|\Creating New Schema Classes with usdGenSchema
oUsdGeom : USD Geometry Schema
oUsdHydra : USD Hydra Shading Schemas
oUsdLux : USD Lighting Schema
oUsdRender : USD Render Schema
oUsdRi: USD Renderman Schemas
oUsdShade : USD Shading Schema
oUsdSkel : USD Skeleton Schema and API
|oUsdSkel Introduction
|oSchema Intro By Example
|oAPI Introduction
|oSchemas In-Depth
|oInstancing in UsdSkel
|oObject Model
|\Best Practices
oUsdUI: USD UI Schemas
oUsdUtils: USD Utilities
oUsdAbc : Alembic File Format Plugin
oGlf: Utility classes for OpenGL
oHd : The Hydra Framework
oHdSt : Rendering functionality for HdStorm
oHdx : Hydra extensions
oHdEmbree : Embree-based hydra renderer plugin.
oHdStorm : Real-time Hydra renderer plugin
oUsdAppUtils: USD Application Utilities
oUsdview Black Box Testing
oDevelopment Practices For usdview
oKatana USD Support
|oUsdKatana: Consuming USD in Katana
| \PxrUsdIn: Op for Reading USD
oHio: Hydra Resource I/O
oSdrGlslfx : Glslfx parser for Sdr
oUsdDraco : Draco File Format Plugin
oUsdMedia : USD Media Schema
oUsdMtlx : MaterialX File Format and Shader Plugins
oUsdShaders : Definitions and Implementations of Usd* Shader Nodes
\Deprecated List