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Here is a list of all modules:
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oBitsFunctions having to do with how bits are laid out on a machine
oMultithreadingFunctions having to do with multithreading
oMathFunctions for math
oStringsFunctions having to do with string massaging/manipulation
oSystem FunctionsFunctions that encapsulate differing low-level system calls
oMemory ManagementFunctions having to do with memory allocation/handling
oDiagnosticsFunctions having to do with error reporting/handling
oSymbol VisibilityMacros having to do with symbol visibility
oLinear Algebra
oBasic Mathematical Operations
oBasic Geometry
oOutput For Debugging
oGamma Mapping Operations
oNotification SystemSee The TfNotice Notification System for a detailed description
oTfError Error-posting FacilitySee The TfError Error Posting System for a detailed description
oDiagnostic FacilitiesSee Guide To Diagnostic Facilities for a discussion of diagnostic techniques
oInitialization FacilitiesFunctions to control initialization of resources
oMemory Tagging SystemSee The TfMallocTag Memory Tagging System for a discussion of memory tagging
oObject CreationClasses for controlling creation of objects
oMemory ManagementClasses for memory management
oRuntime TypingClasses having to do with run-time typing
oBasic Mathematical OperationsFunctions for basic mathematical operations
oOutput for Debugging PurposesFunctions/classes that generate output solely as a debugging aid
oPath UtilitiesFunctions/classes for pathname manipulation
oC++ STL UtilitiesHelper functions/classes for STL
oPreprocessor UtilitiesPreprocessor macros
oString UtilitiesFunctions/classes for string manipulation
oFile UtilitiesFunctions/classes for file handling
oPerformance MeasurementsFunctions/classes for measuring performance
oSystems Extensions and EnhancementsFunctions/classes for extending/enhancing standard OS functionality
oContainer classesClasses that hold objects
oUI SupportClasses/functions for package-independent UI concepts
oCompiler AidsClasses/functions that help getting code compiled cleanly
oInternals Non-exported FunctionalityFunctions/classes for libtf internal use only
oSTL-like API
oVtDictionary FunctionsFunctions for manipulating VtDictionary objects
oEncoding Stage UpAxisEven if all UsdGeomCamera objects in a scene are encoded with a transformation that assumes the Y axis is up, that cannot always imply that the geometry contained in the scene was modeled with the Y axis pointing up, since some modeling applications assume Z is up, and others allow you to configure whether Y or Z is up
oEncoding Stage Linear UnitsAs with Encoding Stage UpAxis, we restrict the encoding of linear units to be stage-wide; if assembling assets of different metrics, it is the assembler's responsibility to apply suitable correctives to the referenced data to bring it into the referencing stage's metric
|oJoint Transform UtilitiesUtilities for working with vectorized joint transforms
|oTransform Composition UtilsUtiltiies for converting transforms to and from component (translate, rotate, scale) form
|oJoint Influence UtilsCollection of methods for working joint influences, as stored through UsdSkelBindingAPI
|\Skinning ImplementationsReference skinning implementations for skinning points and transforms
\Bone UtilitiesUtilities for constructing bone meshes