Stylizing Ribbons: Computing Surface Contours with Temporally Coherent Orientations

Nora S Willett, Fernando de Goes, Kurt Fleischer, Mark Meyer, Chris Burrows


Line work is a core element for the stylization of computer animations used by recent shows. However, existing stylization tech- niques are limited to edge treatments based on brush strokes or textures applied solely on top of curves. In this work, we propose new stylization effects by offering artists direct control over the inside and outside of surface contours. To this end, we introduce a method that creates ribbons, geometry strips of possibly varying width, that extrude from each side of the surface contour with temporally coherent orientations. Our contributions include the generation of spatially and temporally consistent normal orientations along visible contours and a trimming routine that converts arrangements of offset curves into ribbons free of intersections. We demonstrate the expressiveness and versatility of stylized ribbons by applying various effects on both character and shadow edges from animation sequences.

Paper (PDF)

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics