Papers by Nora S Willett

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CurveCrafter: A System for Animated Curve Manipulation

Nora S Willett, Kurt Fleischer, Haldean Brown, Ilene L E, Mark Meyer
September 2023

Linework on 3D animated characters is an important aspect of stylized looks for films. We present CurveCrafter, a system allowing animators to create new lines on 3D models and to edit the shape and opacity of silhouette curves. Our tools allow users to draw, re-draw, erase, edit and retime user ... more

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Stylizing Ribbons: Computing Surface Contours with Temporally Coherent Orientations

Nora S Willett, Fernando de Goes, Kurt Fleischer, Mark Meyer, Chris Burrows
September 2023

Line work is a core element for the stylization of computer animations used by recent shows. However, existing stylization tech- niques are limited to edge treatments based on brush strokes or textures applied solely on top of curves. In this work, we propose new stylization effects by offering artists direct ... more

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IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics