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Stylizing Animation By Example

Pierre Benard, Forrester Cole, Michael Kass, Igor Mordatch, James Hegarty, Martin Sebastian Senn, Kurt Fleischer, Davide Pesare, Katherine Breeden
April 2013

Skilled artists, using traditional media or modern computer painting tools, can create a variety of expressive styles that are very appealing in still images, but have been unsuitable for animation. The key difficulty is that existing techniques lack adequate temporal coherence to animate these styles effectively. Here we augment the ... more

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Additional materials: [ComputerGraphicsWorldArticle.pdf], [PaintTweenWorkingSets.tgz], [], [PaintTweenDistro.tgz], []

Available in the proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2013.

Available as Pixar Technical Memo #13-03

Character Articulation through Profile Curves

Fernando de Goes, William Sheffler, Kurt Fleischer
05 2022

Computer animation relies heavily on rigging setups that articulate character surfaces through a broad range of poses. Although many deformation strategies have been proposed over the years, constructing character rigs is still a cumbersome process that involves repetitive authoring of point weights and corrective sculpts with limited and indirect shaping ... more

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Shaping the Elements: Curvenet Animation Controls in Pixar's Elemental

Duc Nguyen, Jeremie Talbot, William Sheffler, Mark Hessler, Kurt Fleischer, Fernando de Goes
May 2023

We present a new shaping rig for authoring layers of animation control that facilitate surface editing in shot work. Our approach expands the curvenet rigging technology [de Goes et al. 2022] by introducing new tools that auto-generate a surface-aligned direct manipulator per curvenet knot. As a result, we obtain a ... more

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