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TfHash Class Reference

Provides hash function on STL string types and other types. More...

Public Member Functions

size_t operator() (const std::string &s) const
template<class T >
size_t operator() (const TfRefPtr< T > &ptr) const
template<template< class > class X, class T >
size_t operator() (TfWeakPtrFacade< X, T > const &ptr) const
template<class T , class = typename std::enable_if< std::is_same<T, TfAnyWeakPtr>::value>::type>
size_t operator() (const T &ptr) const
TF_API size_t operator() (const TfEnum &e) const
TF_API size_t operator() (const TfType &t) const
template<class T >
size_t operator() (const T *ptr) const
size_t operator() (size_t i) const
TF_API size_t operator() (const TfToken &t) const

Detailed Description

Provides hash function on STL string types and other types.

The TfHash class is a functor as defined by the STL standard: currently, it is defined for:

The TfHash class can be used to implement a TfHashMap with string keys as follows:

* TfHashMap<string, int, TfHash> m;
* m["abc"] = 1;

TfHash()(const char*) is disallowed to avoid confusion of whether the pointer or the string is being hashed. If you want to hash a C-string use TfHashCString and if you want to hash a char* use TfHashCharPtr.

One can also declare, for any types S and T,

* TfHashMap<TfRefPtr<S>, T, TfHash> m1;
* TfHashMap<TfWeakPtr<S>, T, TfHash> m2;
* TfHashMap<TfEnum, T, TfHash> m3;
* TfHashMap<const void*, T, TfHash> m5;
* TfHashMap<size_t, T, TfHash> m6;

Definition at line 86 of file hash.h.

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