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Into the Voyd: Teleportation of Light Transport in Incredibles 2

Patrick Coleman, Darwyn Peachey, Tom Nettleship, Ryusuke Villemin, Tobin Jones
August 2018

In Incredibles 2, a character named Voyd has the ability to create portals that connect two locations in space. A particular challenge for this film is the presence of portals in a number of fast-paced action sequences with multiple characters and objects passing through them, causing multiple views of ... more

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Chop It Up! Animation-Driven Modeling, Simulation, and Shading in the Kitchen

Patrick Coleman, Eric Froemling
May 2007

In Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille, the creation of believable cooking environments with all their complexity has been an important element in presenting a rich world that helps draw the audience into the story. Part of that complexity arises in the preparation of food before cooking. To create complex animations of food in preparation, we designed a system ... more

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