Papers by Grace Gilbert

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Rasterizing Volumes and Surfaces for Crowds on Soul

Sasha Ouellet, Daniel Garcia, Stephen Gustafson, Matt Kuruc, Michael Lorenzen, George Nguyen, Grace Gilbert
July 2020

In order to produce shots with hundreds of multi-volume crowd characters for Soul, we developed a pipeline rooted in rasterization techniques to pose density fields and other shading signals entirely at render-time.

Paper (PDF)

Elemental Characters: The Living Vegetation of Element City

Greg Mourino, Kris Campbell, Brennan Mitchell, Grace Gilbert
May 2023

The Earth characters of Pixar's Elemental feature a wide range of foliage adornments, ranging from bushes and small plants to trees that tower over their bodies. Creating appealing motion for each of the variations of these characters presented a unique challenge to the Simulation Team, and led to a significant ... more

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SIGGRAPH Talks 2023