Papers by Michael Lorenzen

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Rasterizing Volumes and Surfaces for Crowds on Soul

Sasha Ouellet, Daniel Garcia, Stephen Gustafson, Matt Kuruc, Michael Lorenzen, George Nguyen, Grace Gilbert
July 2020

In order to produce shots with hundreds of multi-volume crowd characters for Soul, we developed a pipeline rooted in rasterization techniques to pose density fields and other shading signals entirely at render-time.

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From Procedural Panda-monium to Fast Vectorized Execution using PCF Crowd Primitives

Aaron Lo, Venkateswaran Krishna, J.D. Northrup, Mark Hessler, Arnold Moon, Michael Lorenzen, Jonah Laird, and Paul Kanyuk
May 2022

In animation and VFX, crowds are too often considered an "edge case", to be handled by specialized pipeline outside the main workflows. Requirements of scale and traditional reliance on history based simulation have been obstacles to properly building crowd systems into the core functionality of digital content creation software. Pixar's ... more

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Siggraph Talk 2022