Papers by George Nguyen

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Hypertextural Garments on Pixar's Soul

Jonathan Hoffman, Matt Kuruc, Junyi Ling, Alex Marino, George Nguyen, Sasha Ouellet
July 2020

The art direction of Souls version of New York City sought a highly detailed "hypertextural" style to contrast the ethereal volumetric world our characters visit later in the film. The Soul characters team identified that increasing the detail of our garment assets heightened the separation between the two worlds. To ... more

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Rasterizing Volumes and Surfaces for Crowds on Soul

Sasha Ouellet, Daniel Garcia, Stephen Gustafson, Matt Kuruc, Michael Lorenzen, George Nguyen, Grace Gilbert
July 2020

In order to produce shots with hundreds of multi-volume crowd characters for Soul, we developed a pipeline rooted in rasterization techniques to pose density fields and other shading signals entirely at render-time.

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Creating Elemental Characters: From Sparks to Fire

Jonathan Hoffman, Te Hu, Paul Kanyuk, Stephen Marshall, George Nguyen, Hope Schroers, Patrick Witting
May 2023

Pixar has a long history of creating high-quality effects and characters that aid in the telling of wonderful stories. With Disney and Pixar's Elemental, we have taken the next groundbreaking step in creating fully simulated, animated, and stylized characters. In this talk, we will present the framework and process that ... more

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