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Making Souls: Methods and a Pipeline for Volumetric Characters

Patrick Coleman, Laura Murphy, Markus Kranzler, Max Gilbert
June 2020

The soul characters in Disney/Pixar's Soul have a stylized appearance that sets them into a unique world, which introduced many new challenges. Everyone from the art department and character modelers and shaders to the technical directors and developers in the effects, lighting, and software groups collaborated to bring this new ... more

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Elemental Characters: Bringing Water to Life

Max Gilbert, Jacob Kuenzel, Kris Campbell, Greg Gladstone, Jean-Claude Kalache, Fernando de Goes, Jon Barry
May 2023

In Pixar's Elemental, the water characters of Element City are not drenched in water, but made of the element itself. Our goal was to create characters that felt non-human and of water, yet still maintain design, readability and charm. Starting with the concept art (inset) and at every step of ... more

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