Papers by Michael Comet

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Patch-based Surface Relaxation

Fernando de Goes, William Sheffler, Michael Comet, Alonso Martinez, Aimei Kutt
August 2018

From rigging to post-simulation cleanups, surface relaxation is a widely used procedure in feature animation. Over the years, Pixar has experimented with several techniques for this task, mostly based on variants of Laplacian smoothing. Notably, none of existing approaches are suited to reproduce the patch layout of a baseline mesh. ... more

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Sculpt Processing for Character Rigging

Fernando de Goes, Patrick Coleman, Michael Comet, Alonso Martinez
June 2020

Pose-space sculpting is a key component in character rigging workflows used by digital artists to create shape corrections that fire on top of deformation rigs. However, hand-crafting sculpts one pose at a time is notoriously laborious, involving multiple cleanup passes as well as repetitive manual edits. In this work, we ... more

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