Additional Resources

Additional Resources


Feature Adaptive GPU Rendering of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces (2012)

Open Subdivision Technology Review (2012)

First public demonstration of OpenSubdiv at Siggraph 2012.

Autodesk User Group At Anaheim (2013)

Bill Polson, Director of Industry Strategy at Pixar Animation Studios

Why Model with Subdivisions (2013)

Ivo Kos, Modelling Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios

Meet the Experts: The OpenSubdiv Project (2013)

Join special guests, Bill Polson, Dirk Van Gelder, Manuel Kraemer, Takahito Tejima, David G. Yu and Dale Ruffolo, from Pixar Animation Studios' GPU team, as they show how real time display of subdivision surfaces helps artists be more productive, and how this code is open source and engineered for ease of integration.