[-e environment map]
[-d HDR diffuse map]
[-s HDR specular map]
[--disp displacement scale]
[--bump bump scale]
[-l isolation level]
[-c animation loops]
ptex color file
ptex displacement file
ptex occlusion file
ptex specular file


glPtexViewer is a stand-alone application that showcases advanced HDR shading with color, displacement, occlusion and specular ptex maps. Multiple controls are available to experiment with the algorithms.



-e environment map
A low dynamic range spherical environment map used as a background. Ideally, a color-normalized version of the HDR light probe.
-d HDR diffuse map
An HDR file containing a diffuse environment map (typically they are low resolution blurry hemispherical convolutions of the environment light probe).
-s environment map
An HDR file containing a specular environment map.
--disp displacement scale
A scalar multiplier for the shader displacement values.
--bump displacement scale
A scalar multiplier for the shader bump values.
Swap Z-up geometry to Y-UP.
-l isolation level
Select the desired isolation level of adaptive feature isolation. This can be useful when trying to load large pieces of geometry.
-c animation frequency
Number of repetitions of the animation loop (default=0 is infinite)
Launches the application in full-screen mode (if is supported by GLFW on the OS)
ptex color file
A ptex file containing RGB channels read as material albedo color.
ptex displacement file
A single-channel ptex file (preferably float precision) containing the displacement values.
ptex occlusion file
A single-channel ptex file (preferably 8 bits precision) containing a pre-computed ambient occlusion signal.
ptex specular file
A single-channel ptex file (preferably 8 bits precision) applied to modulate the specular reflectance of the material
A sequence of obj files used as an animation loop (the topology has to match the data contained in all the ptex files !)

Keyboard Controls

q      : quit
esc    : hide GUI
x      : save screenshot
f      : fit frame
+/-    : increase / decrease tessellation rate
r      : reload and re-compile the shader files
e      : draw normals