glEvalLimit [-f] [-yup] [-u] [-a] [-l refinement level]
    objfile(s) [-catmark] [-loop] [-bilinear]


glEvalLimit is a stand-alone application that showcases the limit surface Eval module. On the given shape, random samples are generated in local s,t space. Vertex, varying and face-varying data is then computed on the surface limit and displayed as colors.

In order to emphasize the dynamic nature of the EvalLimit API, where the locations can be arbitrarily updated before each evaluation, the glEvalLimit example treats each sample as a 'ST particle'.

ST Particles are a simplified parametric-space particle dynamics simulation: each particle is assigned a location on the subdivision surface limit that is composed of a unique ptex face index, with a local (s,t) parametric pair.

The system also generates an array of parametric velocities (ds, dt) for each particle. An Update() function then applies the velocities to the locations and moves the points along the parametric space.

Face boundaries are managed using a ptex adjacency table obtained from the Far::TopologyRefiner. Every time a particle moves outside of the [0.0f, 1.0f] parametric range, a 'warp' function moves it to the neighboring face, or bounces it, if the edge happens to be a boundary.

Note: currently the adjacency code does not handle 'diagonal' crossings, nor crossings between quad and non-quad faces.

Multiple controls are available to experiment with the algorithms.



See the description of the common comand line options for the subset of common options supported here.